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    Default Farrier rec's for Ocala, FL?

    I'm interested in finding a new farrier for my horse. We've had 2 coming to the barn but now all horses with shoes are client horses and the farrier I use is being let go. (long explanation) It would be a little awkward to keep him on, and I didn't really want to use him in the first place so here I am. My horse has fronts only right now, but I think he needs to be shod all-around. The farrier that will still be coming to the barn charges $175 all around, which he's not worth, IMO. I'd like to find someone at $125 or close too it. (This used to be the average among my previous farriers here, maybe it's changed?) It'd only be for my horse so I need to find someone who doesn't mind coming out for one. I'm about a mile down the road from HITS so it shouldn't be a problem... opinions?

    - also I mainly do lower level H/J and a little dressage... so I'd prefer someone who does performance horses.


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    It's very hard to get a "good" farrier to come to a new barn for only one horse.
    Maybe call around to other barns or vets for suggestions. The better farriers usually stay pretty busy and keep a full book so it's tough. Good Luck.

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    From a purely business perspective - With a one horse account you should expect to pay at least 20% more than the going rate because the business overhead on one horse is the same as it is on a barn full of horses.

    As long as you are focusing on cost you are likely to be disappointed.

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