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    Dec. 6, 2010

    Default Horse took a chunk out of coronary band/top of hoof

    My mare apparently had gone too long without seeing our favorite vet (exactly one week since her hock injections, obviously far too long). She was found in the pasture with her back legs banged up, luckily nothing over a tendon, anything like that. The one that has me most worried is the chunk she took out of her coronary band/top of her hoof.
    I was planning on pulling her shoes in a few weeks but our vet said to keep her in shoes to help keep things stable, so she will get snow pads/light traction put on when the farrier comes out next, and she's off stall rest. Right now she is wrapped with our vet's preferred ointment to keep all the cuts clean, and I'm sure that the one on her coronary band will stay covered for some time.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for things to help that area heal? Or any suggestions/tips you found helpful for a similar injury?


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    Once you're past needing the ointment, I cannot recommend AluShield enough. It was highly recommended to me by other COTHers for my Percheron's horrendous body wounds this past summer and they were right.... after you clean the wound (warm water, Chlorhexadine surgical scrub) and dry it, spray a layer over it. Keeps the debris & flies out, helps to heal.
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    Dec. 6, 2010


    AluShield is great! I'll definitely be putting that at least on the wounds on the other parts of her lower legs once they are healed up to go without wraps! That is another one of our vet's favorite products!

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    Keep it moist!!! I had a mare that was running out in a slightly muddy field and the back side of the barn was inside in pasture fence. She tried to stop, but slid up underneith the metal siding of the barn and cut a HUGE gash that started halfway up her hoof and ended about an inch above her coronary band. I apparently didn't keep it moist enough and she forever will have a scar and a deformed line that runs all the way down the hoof. It's ugly, but not really any weaker than the rest of the hoof. I did have to keep shoes on her most of the year, only pulling them in the muddy winter times. This happened, maybe 10 years ago? I can't say how it's held up, I sold her about 4 years ago, but in the time I had her, she never had any problems.

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    My horse took a chunk out of his hoof at the coronary band in August 2011 (a week before a clinic that I'd been begging my boss to schedule for....2 years or so). My farrier put a bar shoe on that foot until it grew out. It was ugly looking for a while and he did end up with a tiny scar but it's just as strong as his other feet. I put him on a hoof supplement and I think that helped it grow out a little faster.

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