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    Jul. 31, 2007

    Default Best lights for small indoor arena

    A buddy of mine has mortgaged her soul to build an indoor.

    All well and good, but

    1) She has never had the opportunity to design great lighting for one of these before (like most of us);


    2) Doesn't want spooky sections. Given that she has agreed to suffer in the afterlife, there's no reason to suffer in this one, too.

    The arena is about 60' x 120'.

    Her idea is to have lights on the quarter lines. I have seen an arena with a good "double 5s" arrangement, like you'd see with dice. So one center light over the center of the 20 m circle on each end and a total of 6 lights on the quarter lines.

    Also, anything better than sodium vapor lights?

    Thanks in advance for your opinions!
    The armchair saddler
    Politically Pro-Cat

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    Aug. 12, 2003


    We just did long fluorescents in ours. I hate the shadow spots created by the round mercury lights we used to always have in indoors.
    We have five rows that run lengthwise in the indoor. They are all switched seperately so that you can turn on each row as you need it.
    The fluorescents are way cheaper to run that the sodium or mercury lights and the new technology means they don't flicker in the cold like they used to.
    I love the lighting in my new arena. No shadows and no wait time for lights to warm up.

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