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    Default Wanted Advise on Bone Chip Surgery

    Just rescued a Race Horse 7 years old. 17 hands, big horse. He had surgery on a bone chip on his knee approx 6 weeks ago. We have had him for approx 3 days. He previously had been running in a paddock, and trotting around. But is still very very tender on the knee. Is this normal to still be so tender 6 weeks on. The trainers were considering putting him back on the track, but if he broke down would be dogged. A young eventing rider took him, but sold him to me for less than dogger price and said he will only be fit for pleasure riding, which is fine, I basically took him on to use as pleasure horse or companion.
    I am just wondering what is average time span that we can expect the knee to heal, or as he is still tender if it will heal at all.
    What treatment can we do to help him to heal, he is currently in a smaller stable, and needs shoeing badly. That is the next step, is it safe to shoe after bone chip surgery? He seems very sore on all feet, and will need pads when shod.
    Just wanting some advise as I have never had any experience with bone chips.

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    He should still be on stall rest with or without hand walking depending upon the vet's advice. There is a good chance he messed things up by running around. You can trim him, not sure why a horse on stall rest would need shoes unless it is corrective shoeing. You sound way over your head, can you get a vet to look at him and help formulate a plan for his future rehab?

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    What Laurie said. Back on stall rest like now and call the vet in the morning to come out and look at him. Call around and see if you can get some pre and post surgery radiographs to show the vet. The place that did the surgery should be able to email them to you.

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    I agree with the others - you need to get the films, and if you can't get them, have some taken. His prognosis for any type of recovery depends on which joint in the knee the chip was in, how long it was there and how much arthritis he has in that joint.

    Injecting the joint may help, but you just need to get someone to take a look at him.

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