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    Apr. 25, 2012

    Default Wise Equestrian Saddles - Can they help with back pain?

    Hello all,

    I am a long time lurker finally getting the courage to ask a question on here.

    I recently came across the Wise Equestrian Saddles. One of my current horses is in need a better fitting saddle but what really caught my eye was the seat.

    I understand that it was developed for ventilation, but the seat reminds me of the Stubben Biomex seat. I tried for a long time to get a Biomex demo, but Stubben was having some trouble at the time and I never was able to get a demo. To be honest Stubbens have never fit me quite right so I wasn't to disappointed.

    So, those of you that have sat in a Wise Saddle, or own one, what do you think? Is it easier on the back?

    Could this saddle help me ride with five bulging disks and a nerve issue? I am ready to try anything and I plan on getting a demo within a few weeks, but I am just so excited that I had to ask on here.

    I currently ride in a Delgrange Monoflap. It has a rather flat seat which helps me a lot. Also, I just LOVE the balance of it. It is bad that I am considering finding a horse that fits the saddle?

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    Jan. 10, 2007
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    I deeply love my Wise-Air saddle and think it is ridiculously comfortable, but I don't think it is any cushier than any other saddle. Of course, my back is happy in general. I can say the seat isn't too deep and the balance is superb and both of those things should, at least not hurt your back. Report back on what you think. I have found the horse fit very forgiving
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    Jan. 14, 2006
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    I do think the hole gives some spine relief- I sit on a similar cushion when I drive my truck and it relieves some of my IT/sciatic pressure I usually get. It may be placebo, but it's worth trying a demo.

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    I can't comment on the Wise + back issues, other than to say they're very decent little saddles and the brand's customer service seems good. No harm in getting a trial, especially since they're having a modest December sale.

    Some others you might consider trying, again not saddles I can vouch for as helping with back pain but at least they have the potential to relieve some back pain:

    Thinline has partnered with Laser to build a jump saddle with Thinline padding all over it--in the seat, in the panels, etc. A lot of COTH forum members report that Thinline saddle pads help their backs. I would bet that having Thinline in the saddle + a Thinline pad underneath might make a big difference. I have not heard any feedback on the saddle, but Laser is a good saddle company so I'm sure this is a well designed product.

    You can find Laser's contact info at

    Although I am critical of M. Toulouse's quality control, they do make an "anatomic fit" lineup that is designed to mimic some of the benefits of Stubben's Biomex system. If I wanted to have a serious conversation about these and identify whether any of them are part of the newer Toulouse "Professional" lineup--which has significantly better quality control and leather quality compared to Toulouse's standard fare--I'd speak to Lynda at Classic Saddlery. She has been working directly with the Toulouse manufacturing facility in Argentina to try and get them to clue in.

    Jeffries makes a saddle with Supracor padding built into the panels. Be warned that not ALL Jeffries Excellence saddles have the Comfort Seat feature, so you'd want to check demo stock carefully. and both have Jeffries Excellence saddles in their demo/used inventory, but I don't know if either is a Comfort Seat edition. Of course, there are Jeffries reps that can arrange for you to try the saddle new (like Cheshire Horse, which I link to here).
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    How old is your Delgrange mono flap? You might want to considering trying a newer Delgrange. They are made with a soft seat now. I have had clients who had older ones and then rode in the new ones and commented that while they love d their saddles the new one was cushier. Just a thought. Good luck in your saddle search.

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    Nov. 12, 2001
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    My Wise Equestrian Dressage saddle has helped my position and not hindered my back. I have spinal canal stenosis in L-3, L-4 and L-5.

    That being said, yesterday, Tess spooked at "the boogieman hinding in the bushes" and threw out the right side of my lower back. Fortunately, I am seeing my Chiro Doc today. She will have something on which to work.

    I will say that the saddle helped me ride the spook without getting dumped, so that is a plus in and of itself.
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    Sep. 14, 2002
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    for what it is worth, I have a friend who suffers from some major back issues.
    (she blew out a vertebra and paralyzed herself--doctors told her she would never walk again but she is now not only walking but also riding her horse!!)

    She bought a full custom Stubben dressage saddle with that biomex seat they offer. She says it makes a HUGE difference.

    Now for me, as someone with out disc issues, I couldn't tell a difference in the biomex. Maybe it makes a difference with a dressage saddle...? Mine was on Toby's jump saddle and even when out for a long time schooling XC I couldn't feel a difference.

    So maybe the Wise would make a difference too?
    Horses are amazing athletes and make no mistake -- they are the stars of the show!

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