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    Default Lab living with degenerative joint disease

    My old girl is 13 this year. She's a wonderful yellow lab.
    This winter has been the first time I have really noticed her struggling.
    She is on Cosequin and a senior dog food.

    Last night I noticed she was being quiet and limping a bit on her front left paw. I figured she was stiff from the cold damp weather. I gave her half of a baby aspirin and we went to bed. This morning she couldn't even sit up. She just laid flat out and shook when I touched her paw.
    When I finally got her up it was like her entire back end was immobile.
    I immediately called our vet and they said to bring her right down. Our vet said we could go as far as bloodwork and X-rays but he basically had a pretty good idea of what he'd find. No neurological issues, but definitely the joint disease.
    We did a laser therapy session and she is on metacam for pain and inflammation. The laser therapy seemed to help and she is now peekedly walking although she'd prefer to lay on her dog bed.

    So, what can I do to help keep her comfortable? Aside from the laser therapy and metacam of course. Just looking for some tips to keep her happy.

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    Have you spoken to your vet about adding Adequan into the mix? The injection (given once monthly) made a world of difference to my elderly Lab. Gave him another year or so with a great quality of life, then we added daily Tramadol into the mix before he passed.

    He was a very active dog in his younger years and the above meds helped keep him mobile and less painful as he aged.

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    Adequan and Tramadol along with the Metacam. And oddly, I found that fish oil capsules helped the most out of everything we tried. The tramadol is wonderful for the pain you can't control with NSAIDs and really not much of a downside to it.

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