I have the Wahl Iron Horse clippers (http://www.wahlanimalstore.com/produ...?T1=WAH%208582). Have had them for years. They run great, are super quiet, LOVE them.

I just started doing a low trace clip on my horse this year. Borrowed a friend's set of body clippers to do the job. Need to clip again, and saw that they made a wide blade for the Iron Horses (http://www.tractorsupply.com/wahl-re...-blade-2226953).

Can the Iron Horse handle something like a low trace? Or do I really need the big clippers? I'd love to use my Iron Horse's if they can handle a low trace on one horse about 1-2x a year since they are so quiet & light weight, but if they can't, will certainly borrow the big clippers again. I didn't do his neck the first time around, not sure if I will do it the 2nd time (might just keep to clipping his chest, belly, and stripe on his hind legs).

Don't know much about clippers, so advice is appreciated. TIA.