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    Default Horse impaled by wood rail in skull

    Cannot believe the horse survived this. And how in the hell did he do it with the blunt end?!?! Pretty good example of how carefully you do need to "draw an x" if shooting a horse- I would have thought this would have been a brain injury for sure rather than missing everything vital.

    [snip] learned the wood had entered into Danny's sinus cavity, and gone out through the soft palate of his mouth but that no major bone structures had been affected.
    Apologies if this was posted elsewhere already.

    *Warning* Graphic photo in article-

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    Had an old retired mare do that a few weeks ago, with a similar piece of wood, though probably half the diameter. Hers went in almost exactly the same place and punched into her sinus cavity. Fingers still crossed, but it's been almost two weeks since she finished the course of antibiotics and no signs of trouble. Again, how she did that with a blunt object is a mystery, she's barely pasture sound and in her upper twenties; the fastest I've ever seen her move is across the pasture to get dinner...and that's a jog at best.

    They all just wanna be unicorns at heart, I guess.

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