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    Nov. 13, 2004
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    Last time I asked my sister to watch as I jogged out my [lame] horse she said "I can't tell which one of you is lamer, you or him." Brat. If I only jogged 100 meters I might not get spun. I'd flunk flexions (I might fall down) and the x-rays would be dire. But gosh darn it, I'd have a clean blood test!
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    Thankfully (?) I'm incredibly, remotely far from having to worry about FEI rules, but there is NO way I'd jog sound or pass any PPE, ESPECIALLY if xrays were taken (then they'd find all the hardware holding together both right and left tibia/fibula as well as my left ulna and radius). I'm just happy with being able to stand up and walk without falling over!

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    Aug. 7, 2011


    I think there are many of us that could use hock injections...

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    Jul. 16, 2003
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    No way I would pass the jog!! Even with drugs!!

    Having said that, and having watched a fair number of jogs, there are some riders out there that should be really glad they are not assessing the rider for soundness during the jog! If they were, some riders wouldn't pass.

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    Feb. 22, 2009


    My vet agrees that if I were a horse I would be put down as I am barely pasture sound

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    Mar. 8, 2012


    I would not do well on a PPE... too many weird lumps/bumps/things going on in my knees. I'd be okay for a lease, but not to buy because who knows where I'd end up a few years down the road-don't want to get stuck with a lame human!!
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