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    Mar. 1, 2011

    Default Does this leasing situation exist?

    There is a stall open at my barn (which is the best barn I have been to for a long long time, it works for me in everyway. No its not the best barn for everyone, but it is for me).

    I would like to find a horse on a free lease term that fits my criteria (or at least most of it lol).

    I would like the horse owner to pay for the stall rental ($140/mth) and in exchange I will pay for hay/shavings/grain and do the elected 3 chore shifts required for the week (see below note **)
    Ferrier is my cost (but I get to use my ferrier at the barn)

    Basic vet care is the owners responsability (shots etc) and if Dobbin gets hurt while I am riding thats my cost, obviously.

    Owner can come and visit and ride their horse whenever they want (we are a very friendly bunch) provided I am not already riding him/her. (This would be discussed by a phone call or email at least the day before, just to ensure there wasn't a planned ride)

    Is there anyone (owner) who would go for this???
    Is there a name for this type of lease if it does exist?

    I see it as a great opportunity for someone who can't afford or have time for their horse, but its just a temporary situation so they aren't ready/willing to sell them.
    They aren't paying full cost for a psture puff, they know where their horse is and can go see them anytime they want day/night, can still ride when they get the chance.

    I see it as a plus for me in the fact as I love my barn but the horse I currently lease there is not avaiable anymore come end of May (my schedules changed and owner has leaser on all other days he is available), I get to have "my own" horse to ride whenever I can get the chance, don't have to ask permission. Shared cost so I am not "horse broke".

    *** the chore shifts are a way the boarders co-op the barn chores, each renter of a stall has an option
    -to do 3 shifts of chores (either morning or evening)/week for all the horses in the barn. that way on your off days you don't have to worry about cleaning or feeding your guy/gal, its taken care of.
    -If you can't/don't want this, then you need to make an arrangement with the other boarders to pay them for their services
    -OR just do your own chores every day/evening***
    if you havent fallen off a horse….then you havent been ridin long enough

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    Jan. 9, 2009
    a little north of Columbus GA


    It sounds roughly like a half lease -- you pay for feed and farrier, they pay board and vet.

    The only part that sounds a bit odd is that they can only ride if you don't want to. If they're paying half the costs, they should get their allotted 3 days a week. They should also have more say over the farrier -- it's their horse after all.

    But it's not out of the realm of possibility that you'll find an owner who just can't make it out 3 days a week, and you end up getting some 'free' days.
    ... and Patrick

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    How experienced of a rider are you? Would you be able to put training on the horse?

    I ask, because in my college and post college years I was able to "free" lease a few horses. Owner paid for board, care, the whole shebang, and I rode either exclusively, or as a half lessor (3-4 days a week), and in some cases, gave the owner informal riding lessons.

    The horses were, green, or not even started in some cases, or needed re-schooling in one way or the other. If you can add value to the horse, I think you could find someone open to this arrangement.

    If you are looking for a "made" horse, it might be a bit harder to find. But like Wsmoak says - sounds similar to a half lease. But generally when half leasing, the owner wants to keep more control over the horse.

    I have half leased my own horse out - and I still controlled everything, farrier, feed, boarding barn etc. When I free leased - owner still controlled all those aspects.

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    Mar. 1, 2011


    Although I have been riding a looong time, I am not confident to train young untrained horses.
    I can ride fresh 4yr olds from off site training (done this many times) but I am leery to tell any owner "I can train your horse", I would be more comfy saying "I can put miles on your guy/gal" or re-training a broodmare or pasture puff, something that has the basics just needs consistant riding to build it back up and reaffirm the basics already there....if that makes sense lol

    I think a half lease is a very good arrangement and about as close to what I was hoping for as possible.

    Thanks for the insight
    if you havent fallen off a horse….then you havent been ridin long enough

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    San Diego, CA


    Also keep in mind that a horse owner will want to know the horse is well cared for. A co-op situation may be a harder sell, simply because lots of individuals will be involved in the care of the horse. Be proactive in addressing these concerns with good evidence for the quality of care the horses get there.

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