I though I would get a few peoples experiences and opinions.

I have a 5 years old OTTB Sale horse. She coming back from a slight wound on her RH that ballooned with proud flesh. After have the vet out to excise the proud flesh, she came in the next day with swelling in the other hind leg.

The swelling was in the fetlock and slightly up the front of the cannon bone. After looking at soundness, I decided to go ahead and do a light work to see how she went. She is totally sound, but stumbles every once and a while. After the workout the swelling in the fetlock went away but the swelling over the cannon bone did not. This leads me to believe that she has pulled her extensor out in the snow so I've been laying off the work and seeing how it goes. (There is a slight part of me that wonders if she didn't just whack it really hard)

Any experiences with extensors and how long it took to get back to 100% (or near)