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    Default Looking for info on pony carts

    I am looking at pony carts for a 12.2hh for on road and off road driving. It needs to hold an adult & two kids, or two adults.
    We will be using it mostly on dirt roads, carriage trails and if need be, thru a field (flat hayfield).
    I have been sent many leads on used and new carts, wooden carts & metal carts...
    I don't want a meadowbrook type but something that is easy to get in and out of, but not so easy to fall out of LOL
    I like carts with floor going back under seat...
    I would love some ideas from people who may have found themselves a neat cart.
    I saw one easy entry cart I REALLY like, wooden shafts & basket is wooden and steel, but the wheels are not heavy duty and springs are coils under the seat...
    I need something sturdy not fancy.

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    I got my first pony cart from this company. I modified it a bit by putting a sort of safety sheild on one side to keep little feet and legs from accidentally getting caught in the wheel. It happened to a little friend of mine and was horrible. Her legs were just the right length to swing into the wheels. I used the same type of metal the cart was built with and my sons welded it on for me.

    Here is my second cart.

    Scroll down just a picture to the easy entry model. Pricier and prettier and still easy to get in and out of. Wooden wheels. The metal cart would sometimes get flat! It's sturdy, I use it on the roads, a bit higher than the metal carts but I have bad knees and I can handle it. There are a lot of options you can add or subtract. Owner is very helpful.

    I also have a little four wheeled buckboard wagon that I found on Craigslist. It's fun too. My ponies are 11.3 and 13 hands.

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    Know that the brake option will NOT STOP the cart if animal doesn't stop. The brakes don't work like car brakes, bringing everything to a halt. The whole cart and load, weigh less than the pony, so he can still pull it easily, if wheels are locked with brakes. Real hard on the wheels to be skidding them along locked.

    Brakes on a cart WILL cause the shafts to dive when applied, especially if you really push on the brake pedal. Equine hitched to cart has to be accepting of that action by the cart.

    Brakes like this on a cart are pretty much only helpful to hold the vehicle quiet on hills to stop and rest the pony and cart doesn't push or pull on him. You can aid the pony slightly, by using the brakes to reduce push on long downhill roads or trails.

    The above are why most folks don't have brakes on their 2-wheelers. You also have to maintain the brakes on a regular basis, to prevent parts corroding or locking up, being non-functional at all. Regular is at least yearly, though some locations or hard users, lots of water crossings, should check their brakes more often.

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    This is a picture of my knocking around cart and I think it would suit your needs. My pony is about 52 inches, this cart is a little big for him- but it also fits my STB. It fits 2 adults or an adult and 2 kids easily. Easy step in entry which is nice for kids and green ponies. Under the seat the floor is a metal grille- so it's a floor- but it won't hold water...under your feet is wood boards. (the under the seat stash does hold a naughty rat terrier who sneaks rides.) I don't recall the manufacturer, it's not a big name- someone local- I got it at a big Amish carriage auction in Indiana- and it's the type of thing where they have a bunch of the same in several sizes at the same auction. I think these can be had for about $500-800. The wheels are heavy duty metal spoke, not bicycle spokes.

    I'm just editing to add that I don't want to sell my cart- when I reread- I thought saying that my cart would suit you sounded like a sales pitch.

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    Sep. 29, 2006
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    Remudamom, Just an FYI -- the company linked to is not the old faithful Frontier that made the EE cart that you had -- it is a pretender. The old Frontier went out of business a couple of years ago, and this new company has usurped the name and reputation. What they make is crap.

    I would suggest a Pacific Smart Cart -- not cheap, but a great, comfortable, adjustable cart.
    They're not miniatures, they're concentrates.

    Born tongue-in-cheek and foot-in-mouth

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    Oh, sorry, that's too bad. It's been a few years since I ordered one from them.

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    Sep. 29, 2006
    NW Oregon


    It's very sad, since however one feels about EE carts, the old Frontier was a good company with a good product. It is possible to find used Frontiers, so long as one makes certain it is the original manufacturer. CTM Products has a comparable cart, if you can get through to them.
    They're not miniatures, they're concentrates.

    Born tongue-in-cheek and foot-in-mouth

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    Check this group on Facebook - it is ONLY mini/pony carts for sale.

    Miniature Horse / Pony Carts For Sale

    Just FYI,
    ‎"Luck favors the prepared, darling." ~~ Edna Mode

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