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    Default Mystery lameness - Suspensory?

    My horse has been off on her left front for over a month now. She is not head bobbing lame, she is simply short striding on that leg, and is maybe a 1-2 out of 10 lame, worse on the circle. It was not a gradual degradation, seemed to start one day and has been present since.

    After noticing some small bony deposits in the pastern area, I queried ringbone and have the vet out to take some pictures.

    She is a 13 yr old tb/trak cross, and has been in light-moderate work for 3.5 years without any major soundness issues (jumping 1.0m and under in frequently, primarily flat ridden). Prior to that, she was a walk trot horse for several years, so she hasn't had a lot of mileage, and she gets 10-16 hours of turnout a day.

    Xrays of both pasterns were clean, no ringbone, no arthritis. Right heel was a little tender, so we blocked right foot and x-rayed right foot - no navicular, figure heel was tender due to compensation for being off left front and slightly higher heel on left side. She was sound on the right when blocked in right foot.

    We blocked left foot, left pastern, left fetlock, and just below left knee, without any improvement in soundness. Thinks it may be shoulder related, didn't seem to think it presented like a knee lameness.

    Vet suggested 3 weeks rest and 3 weeks of Previcox, with turnout.
    Three weeks are up, and no improvement has been seen, despite minor shoeing changes and rest/previcox.

    We did discuss possible high suspensory, and I know suspensory blocks can be tricky. There was never any heat or swelling in the leg.

    Does anyone have any guesses? Awaiting call from vet re: further diagnostics/next steps, but thought I'd ask the vast COTH wisdom for ideas? TIA!
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    When my horse had a high suspensory injury she looked lame on her LF when circling to the left, but the RF is where the injury actually was. That is how it typically presents. She had no heat or swelling either.

    Have you done an ultrasound?

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