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    Default "My First/Most Recent Dressage Test"

    "My first (or, if I can't remember that far back, my most recent) dressage test was a ...





    I'll start.

    My first (and so far my only) test (Intro A) was a dream, not perfect but a lot of fun. Old QH who I could barely get to move out of a shuffle jog while schooling, as soon as he heard the bell and we turned to Enter at A and he saw the judge in the tent at C, practically trotted out from under me!
    Our circles weren't dream circles and I think our last "down centerline" was a little off-center, but hey. I remembered the test, he got his halts, and I wish we'd gone on and done Intro B at the same show!

    Chime in, please.
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    First and only - was a dream. It was only Intro A, but I was unprepared and terrified. We got a nice respectable 60%, the judge was very complimentary of Trav, and noted that I would have received all 7's if only I hadn't been afraid to ask for more energy. But she liked my position, round circles, and transitions.

    Its also one of the most memorable episodes of my life, because it was the last time I was ever to ride Trav - we lost him to a hip fracture less than a month later.
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    I'll do most recent:

    Two days ago, I took my Ottb to his first show at Second level! He put in a great test, the judge really liked him, raved over our canter serpentines and my seat, said "big effort!" over our new found medium trot, and we won with a 67!

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    My first was a nightmare. Lol. A horse that was a spook and wasn't really ready, a trainer that was going to make us do it. In other words yank his head down and ride front to back. Don't have that trainer anymore lol. A windy cold day in Feb. And my first time as well as his in a dressage ring with 2 other rings beside us going at the same time. Needless to say he tried to escape and broke the pretty white dressage ring, I felt really bad and comment from judge was nice riding to get horse through test lol. At intro level a at that lol. New trainer in and 3 months later another show we went and we scored mid 60s and did great. Goes to show you how much a trainer really effects your and your horses riding.
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    Mine was a happy occasion. It was 2007, I'd been a re-rider for less than a year after a 25 year break, and with a friend's 24 year old TB mare Minnie (RIP), did Intro A and Intro B with few errors and plenty of smiles.

    Pictures, video (be nice!), and a narrative are at

    My most recent test was, sadly, a nightmare, as my dear mare went dead lame on the right front, at C!
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    My first test, I was in my early teens riding my beloved Arab. It was Training 1 or 2, at a local hunter type show. (We usually did hunter on the flat classes, and my teenage mind was SURE we were the best, if not for the *obviously* Western-based judges...) So even though Mandy did his typical giraffe impression, and did NOT appreciate the flock of ducks that took off from the pond in front of us just as we were passing A, and we got a 40-something, I was happy! AND WE GOT A RIBBON! Didn't take much to make then-me happy.

    Last test, Intro B with my green bean mule in a scary arena with his pasturemate on the OUTSIDE. It was ugly on so many levels, because I forgot how to ride really, but by the end we almost had a *circular* circle, and I was (am) so proud! Apparently it STILL doesn't take much.

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    My first dressage test was when I was somewhere in the 9-11 year-old range. I did the hunter pony stuff as a kid, but for a month or so each summer I rode with a superb dressage trainer who happened to be friends with my grandmother. I was kind of too young to know what in the heck was going on and was just plopping around the arena being happy, but I guess I did a training level test of some sort. I got a yellow ribbon and the comment "nice hands" on my score sheet. I rode either a buckskin, a roan, or an appaloosa. I remember each horse well, but I do not remember which corresponded to which show type.

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    My first dressage test was at my first horse trial on my first horse (lots of firsts there ). I don't specifically remember riding the test, but I assume we were dead last after dressage because we always were. Test would have been T1 or T2.

    She was a great horse, but she had one way of doing things, and it was HER WAY lol. She was never interested in dressage. She had two preferred gaits, jig and gallop She would trot during the free walk (free walk bending lines were always good for a laugh), very difficult to get from canter back to trot.

    Good times though. She had a very pony trot and this was when we still had to sit the trot at the lower levels so I imagine that I was bouncing all over the place on her back. I have to look to see if I have some old VHS!

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    For one of my first shows, I took my old SS horse for fun. Almost halted somewhere by G. Maybe C. Dunno. He doesn't do halts. And god forbid you ask him to do a circle. Was pissed as all get out and took a good while to exit at "A" as those flower boxes were going to eat him. All in all, I'd say it was a pretty good experience with him. Been kicked out of the ring more than a few times when we were younger. LOL.

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    My first-I'm sure was at an"event".. I don't remember the details but I think survival was foremost in mind. Was riding a flake, the sort you survive CC on by managing to get within three strides of the fence, then hoping they focus on the fence.

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