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    Default Anyone made their own liverpool?

    I really wanted a liverpool for Christmas but looking at the prices I'm a bit horrified! So I'm trying to figure if it's reasonable to think I could make a decent one. It's just square foam and vinyl right? How can that cost hundreds of dollars?!

    I've already got a homemade fake one that is a blue tarp screwed onto some 4x4s but really it's not great and some of the horses will still spook at the real liverpools at the shows (and not with water in them, just the look of them empty), so I want something that really duplicates the show liverpool appearance.

    So do I spring for a store bought one or has anyone made one with the vinyl and foam and could give me some instructions

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    What I would do (in theory, I've never tried this), is make it out of wood, and dig room for it in the arena. Basically build a very shallow box in the size you want the liver pool to be, paint the inside blue, then dig a relatively similar depth and size hole where you want it and then place the box in the hole, then even out the edges of the hole with the footing you dug out, and just spread the excess footing around it. If you want to move the jump, then just pull out the box, push the footing back in and repeat that in a different spot. That way you can fill it with water easily.

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    Making it out of wood sounds like a lot of work to move it around and heavy.

    Why not just buy some heavy duty vinyl and foam and glue one up?

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    Definitely just get the foam and vinyl - there were cheap vinyl table cloths I'd bought in blue plastic for our daughter's graduation party - super cheap and easy to manipulate. Wood box would be heavy, not water tight, could rot/splinter, etc - way too dangerous, IMO.

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    I used pond liner to make a water jump, black liverpools are always more scary than blue ones, I then made a frame and stapled it together, it worked great and when I was done I just undid it and stored it. I am sure you could use the foam as a frame. I also took an old swimming pool liner and just cut 4 by 8 rectangles out of it and had a tons of bright bool vinyl liverpools, not sure if you have that option or not.

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    I made a lightweight one out of pvc pipes. You can get elbow shaped pipe for the four corners and then just connect them together. I then wrapped blue tarp around it and set a depression in the center so water could collect in it.

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    Pictures of the one I made on the cheap are here:

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