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    Default When do you supplement?

    Greetings!! Total newbie here, so please forgive my ineptitude. I have a coming 18 yo Paint mare. Owned her from 11 months, trained her myself, mostly she's been my knock around trail horse, taking a backseat to my event mare. Not sure this one has the brain, but older mare is officially retired (sound, thank you) so Jazz is being moved to first string. I have no serious competition goals for her, just want to tool around Novice, dressage shows, etc. My question is this: When do you start a sound horse on joint supplements? Or do you? She has no issues, and has not been worked hard ever. But due to her age, and the fact that I now want to increase her workload and start her jumping, I wonder if preventative supplementation is in order? Thoughts, advice, warnings? All appreciated, thanks!

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    I try hard NOT to fall prey to Smartpak's marketing (though, I do USE SP). I do supplement if it isn't needed, and especially joint supplements.

    I may use an injectable product like Adequan or Pentosan, though, but even then, I tend to hold off unless they are working very hard, but are sound.

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    Due to your mare's age I would start her on a small does of something for preventative measures. I leased a 19 y/o pony that I evented a few years ago and I had her on joint supplements (Cosequin), but my 10 y/o training level gelding is not on anything right now, and won't be until he either tells me he needs something or hits around 14/15.

    Like yellowbritches, if you're serious about this, I would recommend the injectable stuff (Adequan, etc.) but if you don't want to go that route, the only feed through joint supplement that I would use is Cosequin. Its expensive, but the only thing I really trust as far as feed through joint supplements go.

    Also agree about not falling for Smartpak. I too like Smartpak as a company but the joint supplements do nothing, although they do a great job advertising them. Three of the horses in my barn are on three different "levels" of their joint supplement and I see absolutely no change at all.

    Don't believe the hype.

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