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    Default Baucher bit, single joint or double joint?

    I am starting an older horse and working on getting him to accept contact with an outside rein. He gets it but is not consistent. He tends to elevate his head as a response (part of that is his conformation, he is an Arab/Trakhener and tends to be uphill).
    He doesn't stiffen his back like a giraffe, he doesn't release at his poll as much as I'd like.
    After a lesson, my instructor suggested trying a Baucher bit on him. He goes now in a O-ring and D-ring double jointed bit with a oval "peanut."
    Should I stick with a double jointed or is there a reason with a Baucher to use the single? He is very quiet and sensitive so has always been fine in his double-jointed snaffle. I am leaning toward a happy mouth either way and have found both options.

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    May. 5, 2011


    I'd stick with the double jointed if the horse likes the double jointed.

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    Ditto, except that if you plan to show, the Happy Mouth version of the double jointed boucher has a rolling center piece, and is not legal for eventing dressage.

    That being said, my horse usually likes a double jointed bit over a single, but I use the single jointed HM boucher since I like to show in the same bit we school in. He goes well in it FWIW.

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    I use this one on my guy:

    He loves it and I like how the link is the "peanut" one instead of the flat link. Plus this one doesn't rotate. I've ridden a lot of horses in a baucher and I really tend to like them a lot.

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    I have a KK bit with a rolling center and have used it for dressage for years so I think they are legal, but maybe want to double check!

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    too far from the barn


    I use and love the Myler (which is legal as it the KK. The happy mouth with the rolling peanut is not).
    OTTBs rule, but spots are good too!

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