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    Default Mohair girth, and other girth questions...

    I have a brown Albion dressage saddle that I love, but it is impossible to find a reasonably priced brown short girth. I have considered ordering a white mohair short girth because they are cheap and I have used a mohair girth with good luck on my western saddle, but I'm concerned about the buckles. Since there is no buckle guard, could the buckles make my horse sore? Would a sheepskin tube help, or would that be insufficient padding?

    One of my horses has a very forward girth groove. I have a county anatomic girth that I hate for every horse I've ever used it on, except this one. It actually works well for him. Should I try to save up and buy an anatomic dressage girth for him as well? Do they even make a brown anatomic dressage girth?

    I love my brown Albion and I got a total steal on it, but honestly I'm tempted more and more to dye the thing black because I can't find a matching girth. I did manage to get a brown neoprene one before Libertyville went out of business, but every brown short girth I've found since then costs more than I paid for the saddle! Help?

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    I love the nunn finer girth (passage is my favorite!) but this one does come in short brown sizes:

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