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    Default Circles! Really, truly circular circles!

    I'm ten kinds of excited because Catty Pony and I achieved real circles today...even on her hollow side! There was even a dusting of snow on the ground to prove it (hmm...should have taken a picture of our tracks to remind myself it's possible). It's a big deal for us, but since my husband's response was a little lackluster ("Your pony did circles? That's nice. Now we can go home, right?"), I thought I'd just tell a bunch of strangers on the interwebs. Because she really is the Best. Pony. Ever.

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    Jun. 28, 2003


    thats truly great
    and so exciting when you actually "get" it
    hopefully it is not "fleeting"

    I know a lot about egg shapes and ovoids and other non--circles
    also know a lot about not straight lines

    We are really good at that one!

    Dont let the un-initiateds response depress your joy - You and PONY did it!

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    Dec. 23, 2011


    My husband tends to give me that same uninterested look when I am really excited about something me and pony accomplished. He tells me "I'm easily entertained"....I'm like "really it is a huge accomplishment". So I will share your excitement with you and real circles take a lot of work to do.

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    I am with the other two responders, ROUND, how wonderful! Congratulations!!

    We have learned to appreciate "the moments of glory", because they often are far and few between. Hope your big smile doesn't hurt! Ha Ha

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    Bravo! Congratulations !! Doesn't that feel awesome! Three cheers for you!

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    That's great! With my lack of peripheral vision, this is always a challenge for me, much to my pony's disgust!

    My husband takes the other approach. He adores Mingus like the son we never had, and his pony can do no wrong. I can never count on an honest appraisal, as everything Mingus does is perfect. It's so sweet, but not great training feedback!
    They're not miniatures, they're concentrates.

    Born tongue-in-cheek and foot-in-mouth

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    Horse Show Names Free name website with over 6200 names. Want to add? PM me!

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    Jan. 25, 2010


    Congratulations! It IS a big deal! I love it when I am the first to use the large outdoor arena after grooming, so I can look at my marks and see my circles. And straight lines, which are often an issue for my horses. I am getting pretty good at the circles, and now I need to make them the right size! It is always something. I also like good circles because it indicates (usually) that the horse is bending properly.

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    Aug. 27, 2012


    Good job! We do amoeba shaped circles. How did you accomplish circular circles? I could use some hints, tips and good advice.

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    Nov. 17, 2001


    Regardless of riding, driving or long lining-- get cones(soccer cones, or traffic cones {buckets can be substituted}).Stay to the outside of the cones. Determine the size of the circle you want to drive, place the cones at north, south, east & west.
    Essentially you are driving a really large square with lots of arc from the north cone to the east cone (you are going clockwise) then to the south cone, then to the west cone continuing onto the north cone....

    The larger the circle, the less bend in the body (the horse's spine should be exactly inthe line of the circle).

    The smaller the circle, the more bend in the body(more spine curvature) and more weight bearing on the inside hindleg.

    Practice, practice, practice!!!!

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