I just bought a new mare. My current saddle does Not fit her. I am no saddle fitter but it seems to sit ok on her except that it bridges behind her withers, then when I get on and start riding the saddle slides down her withers into that hollow and dumps me forward not to mention very nearly sitting on her withers. It also seems to create a pressure spot at the back of the saddle and her back is sore in thaat spot. My current saddle is a Knight Rider. It is a basic close contact saddle with flat foam panels. Regular/medium tree. 17.5 inch.
BEsides it not fitting her my rear has also grown and I need a little larger seat. not that this one is uncomfortable (hard to be uncomfortable in a pretty flat saddle). But I could use more room. I am also 5'1 and have really short legs and if I put my stirrups up where my sometimes instructor would like for me to have them my knees would be over the knee roll.
As for my mares back she has narrow withers that are highish but not near as bad as some TBs I have worked with. She does have the hollow behind her withers, then her back flattens. I just got her after her sitting for over 2 years so we are developing muscle and hopefully some topline. will have to post some pics of her back to give a better idea. right now her whole back is pretty bony but then she seems to have pretty well sprung ribs.
I am on a definite budget! Would like to stay under $800. Used is totally find by me. I dont even know where to start..well I know where but not what I am looking for. What might fit this girl?
I am planning a trip to one of the local (an hour away) stores to just try saddles on her and see what sits best.
Been checking Ebay but hard to find a bigger seat that is not a wide or XW tree (I guess all big girls ride Wide horses? lol)
There is not a lot im my area to really go try. We have a Dover and this other place and tht is about it! I am in southern Maryland.
Currently I am doing at least part of my riding in an older simple AP wintec. It fits her pretty ok but I despise it!!