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    Quote Originally Posted by Thoroughbred in Color View Post
    Well... not a definite answer.

    What I've found is this: On the top side, Bright Red Bars has no Impressive breeding, so no worries there.

    On the bottom side, I know that Conclusively Pretty is N/H. There is a 50/50 chance that he passed on the gene to TJ Skips Conclusive. Her dam side is Impressive free.

    Maybe someone with an AQHA membership can look up TJ Skips Conclusive? I would but I don't have an AQHA membership and she's not double registered with APHA.

    Without knowing his dam's status there's no way to tell. If she is N/N then you have nothing to worry about, but there is a 50/50 chance that she is N/H. If she is then there is a 50/50 chance that your guy is N/H. If it were my horse I think I would be doing the test at this point for peace of mind. If he is N/N then you can look at other factors for the sweating, if he's N/H there are ways to manage HYPP through diet and exercise.

    Best of luck
    TJ Skips Conclusive is N/N.


    Additional Horse Information for TJ SKIPS CONCLUSIVE:
    Genetic Typed
    HYPP Results:N/N

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    Wow, THANKS Jump QH!!! What a relief!!! I just saw your post today about my boy's dam being N/N. (COTH isn't great about sending emails letting us know threads have been updated).

    When I Bought Teej, and was handed his papers, of course all it showed is the three generations. I know little/nothing about QH or Paint blood lines, so when I didn't see Impressive on there, I assumed he was free of that. It was only later, doing the search on that I learned about the Conclusive lines. Then I was too chicken to test him..... I know, stupid, but there it is.

    Well guys, looks like his condition is actually hypothyrodism. That's what the vet thought, after an exam, and we put him on Thyro L. It's been over a week now, and all those sweat spots are gone. He's drinking normal ammounts of water, nothing copious at all. Since he's doing so well, we're going to postpone the testing for Cushings. If he presents with any more strange symtoms, we'll run the whole panel. So, I'll keep my fingers crossed that this'll do it.
    Thanks to all who responded! What would we do without all the super Cothers???

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    Thanks for the update! I'm glad that you found an answer, and that it sounds like something manageable!
    "In order to really enjoy a dog, one doesn’t merely train him to be semi-human. The point of it is to open oneself to the possibility of becoming part dog."
    -Edward Hoagland

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    How long is the hair on your horse? Normal length or excessive?
    I had a mare that had long yack hair, sweating in all those places and topline muscle wasting. She never had any laminitis, lameness or blindness issues of cushing's. She died of renal failure due to cushing's.

    Like Parkinson's not a pleasant way to go.

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    My boy isn't particularily hairy. He's fuzzy now of course, but his shedding in spring and summer is normal. In the summer, the TB in him is evident, he's not coarse at all, in fact, he barely gets long fetlock and chin hair at all. He is stocky, but has no fat deposits along the neck, shoulders or tail head. His neck is slim - he really looks more thoroughbred in the head, neck and legs than what we mostly see in foundation QHs. I'd post a pic, but I'm not a premium member on Coth. Maybe I'll do that this next year... but I think most folks on here like the absense of pictures. I know I do - you go to other horse forums and it's annoying to see miles of pictures touting sale horses and stallion services. (Or just the too cutsie silly pics shown over and over endlessly).

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