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    Ft Worth, TX, USA


    Quote Originally Posted by Crackerdog View Post
    Wild emu?
    I've heard stories for years about the emus that people turned loose after that get rich quick fantasy blew up. Have yet to see one, and I've ridden at the LBJ Grasslands and Grapevine Lake for 25 yrs. I believe if people did dump them they've long ago been eaten by the cougars and bobcats

    What kind of riding do you do? That might weigh into your decision about where to live also. I'm 25 miles NW of downtown FW and in the middle ropers, and barrel racers. West of FW, Weatherford, Brock, etc. is mostly cutters and reiners, but there are a couple of big eventing barns in Weatherford. I'm 45min. from those, and also 45min. from eventing barns in Argyle and Denton.
    "Everyone will start to cheer, when you put on your sailin shoes"-Lowell George

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    So... Foxes, Jaguarundi, cougar, bobcat, coyote... I'm thinking my chickens can't free range. DO people have chickens there? I really like my chickens and their blue eggs. I really do not want to clean a chicken coop.

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    Apr. 2, 2006


    I breed dressage horses... Or I try to, havent been very successful lately. Lol. So a broodmare, her coming 2 year old, 2 donkeys and the riding mare.

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    Quote Originally Posted by back in the saddle View Post
    So... Foxes, Jaguarundi, cougar, bobcat, coyote... I'm thinking my chickens can't free range. DO people have chickens there? I really like my chickens and their blue eggs. I really do not want to clean a chicken coop.
    the free ranging chickens learn to hide under the horses when the hawks and eagles are out looking for lunch or supper... we had one chicken that I think lived to be ten or eleven years old... she always was with the horses

    but you have to watch out for the owls... they are huge and silent

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    Jun. 14, 2006


    My horses did great when we lived in N TX. About 2 hours N of DFW. Grass was something we saw for about a week a year. Fed hay year round. Water was not a problem for us, but I was not there during any horrible droughts. We had issues with coyotes eating our barn cats and with the neighbor's stallion getting out, but no issues with any of the other wild critters mentioned.

    We did keep horses in under misters and fans during the day in the summer and turned out at night. Winter was a piece of cake (for me coming from IA).

    My woolly mammoth horses adapted quite well.

    Veterinary and farrier care is widely available and there are even good ones! Ha!

    From a dressage standpoint though, I'm not sure it's the best place. Granted, I haven't lived there for 10 years. But I really never ran into many English discipline people.

    Another good thing is that you've got plenty of haulers nearby if you do sell and need to ship or need to ship up north for shows.

    I loved living in TX!

    Here's my tank story if you want a giggle. I was boarding at a co-op type place. Hadn't been there long. We were doing some weekend work on the place and the BO lady asked me to go check the water in the tank. I was already saddled up so no problem, asked her where. She pointed. I headed out along the fence line looking for a tank.

    I went all the way around this big pond, following the fence. No tank. I didn't want to look like an idiot, so I took another lap around. I saw no water trough ANYWHERE and thought "this can't be right??"

    Finally, I went back. BO said something like, "So how'd it look?"

    Me, sheepishly, "I don't know. I never found it."

    Her, laughing, "Sure ya did! You walked around it twice!"


    A good horseman doesn't have to tell anyone...the horse already knows.

    Might be a reason, never an excuse...

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