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    Aug. 25, 2012

    Default Peeling/Flaking Hooves

    My horse is 2.5 months post founder and is doing quite well. We've made significant diet changes and he is recovering nicely. For what it's worth he is on farrier's formula extra strength as well as some other vitamins/minerals. I've noticed over the past couple months I've noticed near the cornet band and about an inch down is quite flakey and small pieces of the outer wall can be pulled off. The best way I can explain it is they remind me of calloused flakey skin. From that area down though his hooves are hard and appear normal it is just towards the top.

    Is this normal? It is on all 4 feet and he only foundered on the front.

    I've seen it before if a horse has been out in wet conditions but he has been stalled since September.

    If this isn't normal any idea what it might be?


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    Normal. All horses do it at some point.
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    Jul. 3, 2012
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    I think what is peeling off is called the periople. It is normal for it to peel off/exfoliate as it moves down the hoof.

    My mare had some that looked particularly crumbly, higher up than what I thought was normal. Farrier said it was fine. I was always worried about her feet b/c she was in mud a lot at the time. Every time he came I would have some worry, this one kept recurring. He finally ended up rubbing the edge of the rolling bits with super light sandpaper, it stopped looking so horrid. I am sure he just wanted me to stop yapping about it.

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    My foundered pony has a more flaky/peeling area on the top of his hooves than my mare does. It's always been like that, and as long as it doesn't change, it doesn't bother me. My farrier hasn't said anything about, so I wouldn't worry too much.
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    Can we see pictures to be sure? I've had much better results with Grandhoof than Farrier's Formula but I'm sure it depends on the horse. My favorite vitamin supplement is Platinum Performance. If you add the Platinum Performance Hoof Supplement then your bases are covered. You don't feed much of the hoof supplement at all.
    I have only 1 mare on PP supplement & you can tell which one it is just by looking in the field. She is by far the one with the best coat & shine & she's the oldest, coming 20 yrs. I love PP for hoof growth. Works the best.
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