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    Default Borne Saddles--Opinions

    They have a semi-custom saddle called the Journey that is "hand made" by Master Saddler Andy Sankey in the UK. The jumping/event saddle looks very forward. They also have a line of fully custom saddles that aren't nearly as pricey as one would think.

    They seem to be in Texas. They publish a list of saddle fitters that they work with. In Area II, Bob Wood is their guy.

    Anyone know anything about the saddles?
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    I'll be interested in hearing what others think. My saddle fitter suggested one for my very wide filly. I guess they have plenty of gullet width so would be a good option for her. She's only 3 and I'm not planning on plunging into a new saddle until next spring. I'm hoping she gives me a wither by then!

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    Default I've got two!

    I absolutely love my Borne saddles. I have the old eventer, which is a very forward jumping saddle and a Levade dressage. They are both "custom fits" and they do fit wide horses with no problems.

    The quality and workmanship are excellent. The saddles have been in regular use for four years now and the leather is holding up well.

    Customer service is also excellent. I received wonderful service from both the fitter and the owner, Karen Borne. They both went out of their way to help me find a Levade saddle used, even looking at the previous owner's tracings against my own horse's to determine if the saddle would work. It was a private party sale, so neither benefited financially from helping me.

    When I buy my next horse, I will definitely look to Borne for saddles. They are not a well known brand, but I've been very pleased.

    Good luck!

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    Default I have a velocity

    My Borne is a velocity and was a demo saddle. The Fl saddle fitter who assisted me was LeAnn Rogers. My mare is very picky about saddle fit and she is going great in this saddle.

    I had mine 4 months and noticed a few problems....minor but I pointed them out to LeAnn. I got a loaner saddle and mine went to Tx and will be back soon. Karen stands behind the saddles. She was mortified that I had a few issues but the design was changed a bit after my saddle was made to address these problems.....I will buy another and deeply desire a dressage saddle
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    I have a Borne Velocity. I love it!! LeeAnn was also my saddle fitter and she is amazing. THe service after the sale is awesome! My horse had an injury and was on stall rest for 4 months and clearly lost some condition. LeeAnn came out and refitted the saddle to his new shape and then kept tweeking it as his muscle tone came back- I LOVE a wool flocked saddle!!! They are made extremely well and, like I said, the service is excellent!

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