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    Default Fasciotomy & Neurotomy (Neurectomy) Surgery

    My horse was diagnosed with a right hind high suspensory tear in February. I had a follow up ultrasound done yesterday, now 10 months later, and the ultrasound shows very little healing. The vet said that without treatment my horse should probably be retired, but he did say that we could try the surgery mentioned above. Stem cell therapy is out of my budget and he doesn't think shockwave would benefit my horse. I am wondering if anyone has experience with this surgery & if you have had any success with it. Also, what type of post-op treatment/recovery time is typical?


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    There is a great, long, supportive thread on this exact procedure in the Eventing forum.

    My mare had this surgery in 2010 and was given platelet-enriched plasma as part of it, which cost a few hundred dollars (total bill from the surgical hospital was about $3800 -- for surgery, PRP, dental work, and 3 days hospital boarding, plus all the meds etc. they sent me home with, and a couple of follow-up calls to the vet surgeon.) She had a long, complicated recovery, but is basically sound.
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    Yes as Quietann suggests check out thread. I'm 13 months out from surgery and the jury is still out with my guy. I tried to bring him back with careful rehab and he was sound till 7 month mark then he became lame again in hind. I decided to let dr green have him till spring. Currently he is on 24 hour turnout in a flat pasture. He looks pretty good when he trots around but I won't really see what I have till spring. I wish you the best. This was one of the worst and frustrating injuries that I've ever dealt with.

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    Thank you for the link to the thread! It will take me a while to go through all of the posts on there, but I am definitely interested in reading them all.

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    My gelding had a high suspensory strain 5 years ago. Not a tear but some swelling at the origin. He was much better after the surgery but wasn't completely better until we got his feet straightened out as well. (He had underrun heels made worse by a farrier we were working with who was in touch with the podiatrist at NCSU.)

    Keep in mind with a tear that your horse won't be able to feel the injury anymore, and the suspensory may shrink after the neurectomy from lack of nerve feedback. That hasn't happened with my gelding (he has been ultrasounded twice since the surgery) but it does happen.

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