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    Default Cavalia--VIP Experience---Has Anyone Done It?

    Hi< I was wondering if anyone has done any of the VIP Cavalia experiences. I am wondering if it is worth the extra money? There are 2 packages in their newer Odysseo show vip seating, drinks, buffet, etc, but the most interesting thing I think would be to meet the horses and get a tour of their barn. Here is a link to what they are offering. Any thoughts?

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    I have. The only thing really that's great is being able to sit close. I always pay for the barn tour because of the seating. That's the only way you get up close. The barn tour is cool the first time. You can see the horses up close but you can not touch them and some of the riders will be there braiding etc their horses but most Do not speak English so you really can't talk to them. Before you go back you sit in your seats and the first year the main guy brought out a greenie to the program and rode him around, did some upper level dressage like piaffe and stuff just to get the horse use to the crowds and atmosphere. The second year they came the same man came out and did q and a from us and talked about the program some and how they train. So this can change every year I guess on what they do while you wait to go back. I will always pay for it because of the seats but really after one trip through the stables you've about see it all lol.

    Eta. It's not a stable tour. You walk thru on your own. Nobody is telling about the horses or anything. You just walk through and see them in their stalls. Most stalls have a sign saying the name age and breed of the horse but that's it and like I said hardly anybody speaks English. There are about 10 different languages spoken there so you can't really talk to anyone about the horses.
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    We never had any trouble talking about the horses to the grooms etc. - they all knew English. Seeing as many of them are from Quebec - they absolutely know English! The VIP thing was worth it to me (I've actually done it twice many years apart) - wine and snacks beforehand... then coffee and desserts at intermission... plus excellent seats and the barn tour and whatever little Extra is there at the time - as rabicon said. We got to watch two young stallions getting schooled and used to the arena/lights...

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    Hubby and I did it a couple years ago! I don't remember what the cost difference was for VIP, but we felt it was worth it. Stable tour would be really neat for a non-horsey person to oooo and aaaah over the pretty horses, but it was nothing special. Worth it for the great seats, food and drinks!

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