I rescued this very sweet and kind gelding from a horrible situation about two years ago. I am in college right now, and really can no longer afford to keep him. I am no longer working and with the price of hay, I just can't make it work. At the time, I was told that he was 14 (now 16), and had been gelded only a few years prior, and had done some show jumping, but was mostly used as a stallion. The horse was absolutely terrified of everyone and everything, including the saddle, bridle, lunge line, etc. It took some time, but we "broke" him to ride. Unfortunately, the abuse he suffered has left some permanent mental scars, and over the last two years he has proven to be very unpredictable undersaddle. We had him W/T/C and jumping some, but he just couldn't seem to handle the mental stress. My vets and dentist also believe he is closer to his early 20s then his mid-teens.

I am giving him away free to a good home. He would make a great pasture buddy for someone, or even a nice therapy horse. He is wonderful to work with on the ground, and lunges and ground drives very well. He is responsive and well behaved, he just can't deal with a rider on his back. Loves to be groomed, hugged, is very gentle and basically a great pet. He also puts on a fantastic free jumping display if you turn him out with jumps. I assume he was trained to do this.

He is very special horse, and he is one of the few horses who truly bonds to his "person". He's noble horse, with old fashioned Hannoverian bloodlines and is just gorgeous. He has great manners, and gets along well with other horses (even mares), in the pasture. There is no stallion behavior left in this horse at all. He is a very easy keeper, and does not need shoes or blankets. He has lived a very hard life, and is not demanding at all. He just needs a safe place to call home, with someone who is able to better provide for him than I can. I am located in Ohio and and willing to deliver him, or arrange for delivery. Please PM me for any more info, or if you know anyone who may be able to help him out. Thanks!