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    Default Has anyone removed and/or reversed the ribbon tails on a helmet?

    I'm going hunting this winter and this particular hunt is as formal and traditional as they come. I love that about this hunt and therefore want to play by the rules, be respectful and have no fashion faux pas! By tradition, only hunt staff can wear a helmet with the ribbon tails pointed down....and I have a CO Hampton (which has the ribbon tails pointed down and dangling). I don't want to get a entirely new helmet for hunting, so I want to turn the tails upright. Are these just glued on?? Can I take a hair dryer or something to heat up the glue and just re-apply them the other direction?

    I'm scared to experiment with out knowing whether or not these are glued or sewn on! Thanks!

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    I would probably just get a black helmet cover to put over and hide the ribbons. I'm sue it wouldn't be hard to glue on, but I'd be too nerouvs!

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    some are glues and some are sewn on, you should be able to tell looking at the helmet.

    I know I have taken them off in the past on the OLD helmets but never reapplied one.

    Can you just flip the tails up and use a glue dot to hold them for the hunt?

    Huge props for appreciating the hunts tradition and trying to make it right!

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    Can you just flip the tails up instead?

    ETA: Oops, Molly beat me to it.
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    I'd just flip them up and use a couple very small pins to secure. That way you don't damage or permanently alter your helmet

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    Use a straight pin to pin it up. When you flip the tails up, pin it so that the pin runs through the knot in the bow. It will stay up fine.

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    How about velcro 'dots'?
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