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    Nov. 20, 2010
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    Default Bulldog puppy stolen from NJ pet store. Thieves caught on video. Found.

    Been following this on Facebook. First saw it on one of the NYC TV stations. A 7 week old black and white bulldog puppy was stolen from a pet store in Elmwood Park NJ on Monday. Just recovered today, hungry and dehydrated. Thieves arrested in PA.

    I'm not crazy about pet stores, but evidently this one mostly carries fish, denies supporting puppy mills with just an interest in bulldogs, occasionally selling them for one breeder.

    What's fascinating, but upsetting, is seeing them steal the puppy, then they dropped him out a back window apparently into some containers that had water at the bottom.

    Lots of surveillance film coverage on the FB page. At one point the guy also tried to steal a sugar glider that bit him.
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    That video was so clear that I figured they'd have no problem catching the guy. Poor little puppy! Couldn't the gf wait outside the bathroom window and grab him when he was handed out? What a jerk. Nothing will probably happen to him either.

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    Glad they got him back!!

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    Jul. 31, 2007


    The reward was listed at $1K and the puppy's price at $3.5K.
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    Oct. 31, 2009


    The local pet store here recently had a ferret stolen:
    As far as I know they are still looking for it. I did see a still photo on another website that shows the woman with 2 young kids in tow actually stealing the ferret. Great morals she's teaching those youngsters.
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    A few years ago someone walked into an exotic bird store and walked out with an amazon parrot. I don't believe they ever found the bird.

    The last year 2 teens walked into a petstore and stole a puppy from one of the playpens - pretty sure I remember the mom of one of them turning the girls in. Puppy came back unharmed.

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    Im glad they got him back...hurray for surviellence cameras. But Im really surprised that the puppies arent in a secure/locked area.

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