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    Quote Originally Posted by NorthwoodsRider View Post
    What makes the yoke preferable to a breastplate anchored to the saddle?
    A neckstrap attached to the saddle means you cannot move your hands as much. I use a yoke when jumping- especially cross country. I cannot move my hand effectively if what I am holding is tied down.

    You can have a following hand over a jump with a regular yoke, but when you are using a breastcollar, your hands are stuck at the withers, no matter where you want them.

    I have pictures of myself, and other students of my trainer, holding onto a yoke with hands at ears over a jump.

    To be clear, I use a yoke - so it is attached to the girth, but it is not attached to the saddle.

    It also works for just galloping across a field - it just gives more ability to bring your hand up, if you need a little leverage for a horse pulling down or what not.

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    A little late back to the party, but thanks for all the ideas/ discussion! I had a "d'oh" moment when mane braids were suggested. Will try that with the neckstrap first, since I already have it, and then if that doesn't quite satisfy, will try a yoke. The mare in question will probably have to wear a breastplate for long rides, so I'd rather avoid one more thing to connect to the girth. (She's starting to develop withers, but still sort of resembles a propane tank in shape....)

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