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    Default Where to buy brass trim for tack trunks?

    I have a friend that is making very nice looking tack trunks for people in my area. I'd like him to try to replicate the phoenix west brass trimmed wood trunk for me, but I can't seem to find the brass trim that is used on these trunks.


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    Go to your local hardware store, and start asking! If they cannot answer your question, there will more than likely be a carpenter/finish carpenter that could. If they don't have exactly what you at looking for, you might have to get a welder to make you customized trim.
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    I was looking for replacement trunk hardware a couple of years ago and found that suppliers of marine-grade hardware (i.e. stuff for boats) have the good hinges, hasps, etc. in both brass and stainless.

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    My husband is in the same boat and I would suggest that you start with talking with a cabinet maker. They will know of which companies to talk to. I can tell you right now that most of those tack trunk companies get their brass fittings custom made to their specifications so it would be unlikely to find a place that carries the trim in stock.

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    I"ve made a couple of simple tack room pieces, and I've ordered brass hardware from my local tack shop. If you have a Phoenix West dealer local, they should have a catalog of all trunk hardware available. If not, call Grand Champion in Indianapolis and they carry it. Hardware stores such as Ace, carry brass corners to dress it up.

    I've never been able to locate the brass strips that they use to cover they edges with. I'm curious if anyone knows the source?
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    Try woodworking or antique refurbishing catalogs/sites. They usually carry a variety of nice hardware, though not cheap.
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    Here ya go:
    Check for a current sale.
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