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    Default Recognized One Day Events - What Should I Know?

    Area III is holding another one day event in February about 3 hours from where I'm based. I've only ever compteted in the standard overnight horse trial events. What should I expect from a mid-week one day? I assume I'll trailer in the day before as normal and stable overnight. Can I assume that it will be Dressage, Stadium, and then XC with coats being waived for the jumping and XC vests allowed? Any other tips, tricks, or things to know before I go?

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    There may not be stabling associated with the event (though many events will collect a list of local barns willing to offer it.)

    Dressage pretty much always comes first, but I think in Area 1 it's more common to do X/C before show jumping, which is the "classic" ordering of things. Usually you'll get a nice break after dressage to change clothing and tack; for the most part if the two jumping phases are close together, no one bothers changing clothing... just wear your X/C gear for both!
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    Not entirely true - Here in FL the rule about coats being waived at one-day horse trials is little known and you may be questioned if you try to ride without a jacket - BUT - you absolutely do not have to wear one for any phase. A conservative shirt with no neckwear is acceptable for all phases if it makes your life easier.

    Dressage first, and it could be SJ before XC or the other way around - I've typically seen SJ second and XC last but it's up to the organizer.

    Other than that, rules are the same as a horse trial held over two or more days. Good luck and have fun!
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    Thank you for the quick replies. I hadn't thought about the lack of stabling at the event and need to check into that before I send in the entries. While three hours isn't super close it would be a chance for us to try a new venue.

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    In my experience, SJ at a one day usually runs almost immediately before XC. In VA/MD and in Aiken, where many of our recognized events are one-days, you show jump in your XC gear, possibly change horse boots quickly, and then go straight to XC. Streamlines your day, means only one jumping warm-up, and it generally works pretty well. Much will depend on what your times are, but I know many organizers prefer this format because they can get folks through faster and as a rider, I find it is great.

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    Make sure to plan your course walks once you get your times! This is always tougher in a one day format. You may have an 8:00 dressage time, and not enough time to walk in between dressage and your jumping phases, which means walking early before dressage, or if you are stabling on grounds or nearby, walking the night before. It is not a guarantee that you will have time to walk BOTH XC and SJ after dressage.

    Also, if you are not familiar with the layout of the show, I find it helpful to talk to someone who has been there to see how close everything is to parking/stabling. We have events up here in Area I where the XC start is a good 15 minute walk from parking, which you will need to factor into your schedule (or bring a bike!).

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