This seems like an interesting documentary with it's subject and hopefully the end product will be rewarding regardless of the success of the horses featured.

Dec 6 2012: Irish Horse Racing Documentary ‘Six Bullets To Fire’ Continues Three-Year Shoot

The fly-on-the-wall film, which is tracing the progress of six race horses over a three-year period, has been filming since last year, and has so far covered ground in both Ireland and England.

Renowned trainers Tommy and Fozzy Stack are featured in the documentary, as they train six foals at their stables in Tipperary, in the hope of at least one of the horses progressing to be a group one winner. Top jockey Wayne Lordan is riding.

Magan told IFTN the training process was a “very specific task and challenge, a tough one to pull off”, as he likened it to “trying to breed an athlete like Usain Bolt”.

The multi award-winning director added that was finding the shoot “really fascinating”.

Former actor and champion horse owner David Keoghan purchased the six horses, which are all from different thoroughbred lineages, and is serving as producer on the documentary. Keoghan, who has had roles in 'The Tudors' and 'The Clinic', previously owned Royal Ascot-winning horse Lolly for Dolly.
It is still a ways off until it will be an end product ....

Filming on 'Six Bullets to Fire' is scheduled to wrap in 2014, when Emmy-winning editor Bob Caldwell of House Post Production will cut the final drafts. Caldwell, who was chosen “very specifically” according to Magan, is currently looking after all post production as filming on the documentary proceeds.

The final edit will be a 1x90 minute feature length documentary.
Speaking of documentaries - did Jason Neff's proposed (and partially done) JOCK, focused on female jockeys ever get the funding to advance? I seem to recall a plea for money or else he was pulling the plug.

The website still exists but that can be misleading

Other movie news is that the Mine that Bird focused dramatization flick is almost done: 12/6/12 - "Kentucky Derby winner Mine That Bird a movie: '50 to 1' awaits editing, music, effects"

About six weeks of editing remain, plus adding music, visual effects, sound and credits.

Wilson said a crew will shoot race footage this weekend at the track, where the Roswell-based thoroughbred began its unlikely run at racing's Triple Crown nearly four years ago. Mine That Bird also finished second at the Preakness Stakes and third at the Belmont Stakes that year. He was retired in 2010.

"Who would've thought Sunland Park would be a jettison point for a Kentucky Derby winner?" said Eric Alwan, director of publicity for Sunland Park Racetrack & Casino.

Wilson, the Academy Award-winning producer of "Dances With Wolves," said "50 to 1" is up against long odds of its own.

The movie studios he approached about it weren't interested.
Without a distributor the scale to which the film may ultimately be seen will be in doubt.