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    Jul. 21, 2006
    South Carolina

    Default Speak to me of *sigh* doggy diapers

    I have a submissive pee-er.

    He no longer does it at home, but every time I've tried to take him anywhere else he springs a leak.

    I'm sure it's just a confidence issue. He's a young male Brittany, who was abandoned near our farm a year and a half ago. For someone who (I don't believe) had ever been indoors before, he's turned into a great little house dog.

    I'd love to take him to work with me some days, and I think it would be good for Jamie to gain confidence going places - but my office is carpeted and I don't want to do anything to make the landlord change his "dogs are welcome at work" policy.

    Today, I was talking to another lawyer with an office dog, and she asked why I didn't just get Jamie some doggie diapers. So I googled them. Wow, lots of choices! Belly band, britches, little onesies - does anyone have any experience with any of these? What do you recommend?

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    Oct. 22, 2009


    If it's a boy, go with the belly band. They will stay on better, and he won't look so ridiculous as he would wearing panties or boys under wear.

    Depending on how hot it is and whether your work place has clients coming in, you could put a thin coat on so the belly band isn't so obvious.

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    Apr. 26, 2000


    We've got geriatric leaking around here that just gets worse. I feel like all I do is wash dog laundry (we keep a heavy bath towel and/or dog bed in every room of the house). We've tried the "doggie drawers" and there is and none of them shout "Look how dignified I am!" Our old Boxer wears them without complaint but it took months for The Face to go away when we'd first put them on. The other issue we ran into was what is most easily termed diaper rash...we changed often, dog just has sensitive skin. Emmett is just happier and more comfortable without so I'll just continue to ride the laundry carousel at Mach 5.

    Your situation is very different from ours so I'm betting whatever you choose will suffice. Be ready for your fur baby to make The Face, though. No, dignity....just none.

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    Jul. 21, 2006
    South Carolina


    Quote Originally Posted by Finzean View Post
    No, dignity....just none.
    I know, right. Poor Jamie.

    I like BGH's idea of using the belly band, and then maybe I could get Jamie a cool-looking T-shirt that would cover it up?

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    May. 11, 2007


    I used the belly band type on my geriatric Gordon. I padded them with cloth diapers - not the panty liners they sold with them. It was fast and easy to change the cloths and the band once soaked.

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    Oct. 26, 2000
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    We used belly bands on one of the old greyhounds. One of the bands was black, as was he, so it wasn't too noticable.

    I lined it with adult diapers to help contain the liquid, as he would release his whole bladder.
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    Nov. 1, 2007
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    I used a belly band on my cushings dog. I used adult men depends pads. They are a lot bigger than women's pads and much longer.

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