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    Default Do your barn cats pee/mark on your hay?

    apparently ours can smell it in the hay. they have litter boxes and they use the sawdust pile, which is fine....but NOT the hay!! One male one female both fixed. The horses still seem to be eating it all up though......can they get sick from that?? We've had horses for years but the cats are new. We got tired of the critters and the cats are doing a good job keeping that under control. Any ideas???

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    Make sure you keep them vaccinated for lepto. And no, my barn cats don't pee on the least not the ones I keep.

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    Sep. 29, 2009


    I do not have cats. We are allergic to them, yes, even way out in the barn. But we have had visiting stray cats(and kittens), and of course they DID pee/poop on the hay, which the horses said no way are we eating any of that bale of hay.

    So, we do not have cats. And, no, we do not have a rat problem either. We have dear little foxes.

    I do not think I have been to any barn with cats that didn't smell like cat pee/poop. Sorry. I like cats, but not in my barn or house. We do have dogs, and they do not pee on the hay.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LauraKY View Post
    Make sure you keep them vaccinated for lepto. .
    This is a very good point.

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    Are you sure it is your barn cats doing it and not strays/feral cats?

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    I have two barn cats....a male and female. The male uses the manure pile as a litter box and the female uses the hay to pee on in the winter only. I feed round bales by putting the hay in hay nets so there is loose hay in my feed room. I leave a pile of hay on the edge of the feed room and she pees there. I throw out the small pile every day or so and leave more hay there. It seems to keep her from peeing all over the hay. She has done this for years even if I provide her a litter box. She only does it in the winter......
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