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    Dec. 6, 2012

    Default Jumpers Apperal?

    I am new to the jumpers world, (hunters to jumpers, whoo!) and I'm curious on what the current trend is for jumpers. I'm saying like apperal. I'm looking for good colors and brands, just the current styles. I hope I came to the right place. Gabby

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    You mean apparel.

    Anyhow. I believe the big different between the clothing for the different jumper classes depends on the class itself and the rating of the show. Anyone, feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

    At schooling shows and the lower classes you can wear a polo and neutral colored breeches. No one cares about what brand your boots, helmet, or gloves are. GPAs and CO helmets are still popular with jumpers though. Full seat breeches are totally acceptable.

    The more formal/big classes require you to wear a coat and dress shirt and white breeches. Most jumpers wear a black or navy coat with a white shirt at the top levels. However, there are other colors offered... not sure if you'd call them in style or not.

    "Style" isn't a thing in jumpers the way it is in hunters. Jumpers is purely functional and objective.

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    Oct. 6, 2002
    Philadelphia PA


    I saw a ton ton ton of Animo snap collar shirts and Pikeur... white. some short sleeve (gasp, that seems SO WRONG to me) and more Ariat Heritage breeches than I expected (I think the hunter side is still very into TS and Pikeur). Tons of softshell jackets (especially Animo) and the fit is a little more "stuffed sausage" than the hunters are doing.
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    Sep. 23, 2002
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    Reed Kessler often wears a gorgeous brown coat that I totally drool over!

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    Jun. 20, 2012
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    This is what I've seen:
    High Tech Helmets- Lots and lots of GPAs. First ladies are GORGEOUS if you can pull one off. Some people just plain don't look good in them. Black on black for the most part, but I love to see a brown/brown if you can coordinate it well. Speed Airs, Samshields, and Charles Owen are majorly popular, and I do see more KEP and OneK helmets in the Jumpers.
    Really Technical Jackets- Think softshell. Alessandro Albanese and Charles Ancona are really popular and gorgeous. GPAs are really nice for off the rack option, and the RJ and Grand Prix is decent as a less expensive off the rack.
    Technical shirts- Snap collars are really the only way to go, I think. I know people that don't like them, but trying to keep up with collars bothers me and I like to unbutton it in the schooling ring. Short sleeves are becoming more acceptable, and the Alessandro Albanese ones are really nice. I also like Cheval Fashions shirts and Le Fash shirts.
    Classic Breeches- Tan on weekdays and classes without prize money, white in classics. In weekend classes with prize money, either. Full seats are okay, but I personally cannot stand the way they look. Pikeurs, TS, and Ariat are classic and popular. I personally like Santios for whites because they're stain proof. If you accidentally spill something on them, it rolls right off. The new GPA stitchless ones are nice looking, but I've never worn a pair.
    Boots- I've been seeing more and more boots with subtle bling as of late. Something like a few crystals on the swagger tab or initials engrave on the metal piece, or carved into the bottom. I know that both Tucci and La Mundial will do those. Dress or Field boots. Boots fit like a leather sock.

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    Jun. 26, 2012


    Grand Prix currently has this GORGEOUS (somewhat) customized jacket. There's a poster on here HJstylereport. She has a website and I was just checking it out one day. When I saw that jacket my heart stopped! So gorgeous! I'm loving the piping that's becoming popular, and the non-navy coats. I'm such a fan of colored coats, in windowpane plaids, solids, etc. My current favorite is my hunter green hunt coat - it's my guilty pleasure. I had it custom made and it's not as hunt coat-y, but more of the style of the technical coats in the jumpers. No padding, thin, well fitting, four buttons.

    I'm really loving the coats in the jumpers right now.
    I think one reason the Pikeurs are gaining popularity again (not that they really ever lost it) is the no-stain fabric. Especially in your classic whites, you want that no stain gain!

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    Jan. 7, 2003
    Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Cool If you don't run with the pack and like some flash....

    I am an absolute jacket and boot junkie. I also must admit that I am not on the conservative side.

    That being said, I just bought a Vittoria Prestatie Sport jacket (from UK) and love it. The fabric is thicker than most tech jackets and very elastic (it gives you more support), although the detailing and finishing touches are not as good as Animos. In Europe, they are calling it the new Animo, though.

    Also, I've seen much of the jean look-alike breeches at shows (like the ones with back pockets) with contrasting stitching.
    Boots all have some flashy detail: be it bling, patent leather or some sort of color cut out.
    Customizing collars, pockets and piping on jackets is also a fad now, including adding some Swarovski on it!

    I love the new Pikeur military type show shirts.

    I also have an olive (kind of light) green Animo and a sand colored Pikeur, so you can tell I am not into classic navy attire (even though I do own a pair of them). These are videos of the jackets at shows (sorry, have no pics...): (excuse this video....seems like filming is not one of my friend's strengths...)

    Last but not least, if you are looking for affordable style, check out the Horze website. Much design and style at a fraction of the cost. I just bought a dark red soft-shell show coat for $100!!
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