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    Default A little brag...I love my old man! A learning experience for both of us!

    I don't tend to post things on here about my own horses, but I just couldn't resist sharing!

    I was reading the thread about neck stretchers and thought I'd just share a mini-success story that I included an outcome that I didn't think was possible!

    A little back story- I've had the Saintly Steed for close to a decade, he has taught me so so so much. He was (is) a jumper, and for the last 3+ years has been a pasture pet/ pretend eq horse for some local finals/ jumper when I find a show with jumpers that fits into my schedule/where I like the footing

    Last May, Saintly Steed popped a splint, everyone told me he'd be out a month, but his last one took 6 months to heal, so when October rolled around and he was sound I was pumped! (only 5 months off! And really, it was my first summer in Texas, how much riding was I really going to do anyways?)

    I decided that we were going back to basics for both of us, not riding for 5 months was the longest I hadn't ridden in 19 years, and with his age I knew we needed to take it slow. I really wanted to see if I could get him to be soft and round- he had a hard mouth when I bought him, but he packed me around safely and we won. He was a dressage horse in his former life, and he had nice flat work but I didn't know how to "do" any of it when I got him, so we didn't! Over time I learned basic all the way through advanced flat work, riding lots of different horses and taking lessons with a dressage trainer on the side, but I never used this 'knowledge' on him, he has his way of going and a routine, and when you didn't stick to it he didn't perform! (He's too darn smart!)

    Anyways, Saintly Steed got thrown in a happy mouth loose ring and I got some spurs and we headed out to the fields. We took it really slow, but now (maybe 6 weeks later?) he's like a new horse! He goes into a frame, is soft and relaxed at the poll.
    I was never one for 'gadgets' but a few years ago borrowed a friends neck stretcher, and got the same result, but as soon as it came off it was back to nose out, head up, and tough. I really felt accomplished knowing that I was able to teach my horse (or just 'remind' him of) something, and that he seems happier (maybe just less angry) about doing flat work now!

    I didn't post this thread for it to become a conversation on gadgets vs. no gadgets, but I'm just really proud of both me and my wonderful horse for figuring out a way for him to be in a frame, responsive, soft and more pleasurable to ride! I have now accepted the fact that he will always go a certain way when jumping, but at least on the flat he is much improved!

    Sorry this is so long, but I wanted to share!

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    Sweet, sweet Virginia!


    No problem! If you can't brag about your horse to those who understand, well, this board wouldn't be near as much fun. Congrats and have fun with your "new" horse!
    "Radar, the man's ex-cavalry: if he sees four flies having a meeting, he knows they're talking about a horse!" Cptn. BJ Hunnicutt, M*A*S*H Season 4, Episode "Dear Mildred"

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    Sometimes it's actually nice to be able to "start over". . Nothing like an injury to help us along with that concept. Glad you're enjoying your ride.
    “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”
    ¯ Oscar Wilde

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