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    Default The cat with tummy troubles... where to go from here with her food? UPDATE Post 10

    Warning, long post...

    I posted about Daisy-kitty a while back when she was at her worst, vomiting everything she ate. She's much better now but we're still not in a great place, and I'd like some food input for the tummy-troubles cat.

    Daisy's a shelter kitty and came to us 18 months ago eating the Alley Cat that had been donated to animal control. No real chance to evaluate her on that since she was immediately on antibiotics for an infection after her spay, and that wreaked havoc with her digestive system.

    We put her on Wellness Salmon when she came to us and she looked great but had runny poo and awful gas. Switched to Wellness Chicken and things got better, but she never did make very solid poops. I joined Costco and she started eating Kirkland Chicken because, well, the ingredients aren't far off and it's a heck of a lot cheaper than Wellness. She did about the same as on the Wellness Chicken - still not very solid poops, but she cleaned up her bowl and looked and acted like a shiny healthy young kitty. She rarely vomited (once every three months?) and cleaned up the bits and pieces of people food the kids accidentally dropped on the floor with no issues.

    In October she went through three days where every time she ate anything it came back up, partially digested. She was bright and alert but not eating much and nothing stayed down - not baby food chicken, nothing. We took her in and she had a negative fecal (on monthly Revolution anyway), super bloodwork, and a barium contrast x-ray of her digestive tract showed slow movement in her small intestine but otherwise nothing alarming. The slow could be explained by not much food making it to her small intestine at that point anyway, as she'd been vomiting so much.

    Vet recommended a grain-free, sensitive stomach food. We went to Blue Buffalo Grain Free Sensitive formula (I think it's turkey based? Don't have the bag in front of me.). She's only vomited a few times since then and cleans up her bowl. She's still got nearly liquid poop, though, and every time she finds a bit of people food it comes right back up.

    Clearly we have a sensitive kitty now for some reason, despite the fact that she was okay on Alley Cat before we got her! What's up? Recommendations for firming up that poop? She's fine otherwise and her tummy honestly doesn't seem bother her, but if we could get her more "normal," I'd like to try.

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    try some probiotics- if she was "normal", then took antibiotics, and now her digestive tract doesn't work, well, those gut bacteria are kind of essential.

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    Could she possibly be allergic to poultry since most of the foods you are giving her are poultry based?

    I have a cat that was sick the first 18 months that we had him. The vets were stumped and he had that same symptoms as your kitty. I was feeding Science Diet adult and Royal Canin Kitten food since I had both adult cats and kittens at the same time. Turns out it was the Royal Canin that was making him vomit and have loose stools. He also had a very upset tummy all the time and was always looking for plastic to eat. Once I removed that food he has never had a problem since. My vet thinks that it was too high protein in the kitten food that was making him sick. I now feed all my cats Taste of the Wild and they are all doing very well.

    Good luck........I know how frustrating this can be!
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    We have one that was prescribed a grain-free diet, at least to try. After the cat getting picky about the prescription food, switched to grain-free Wellness. That worked about as well or better. However, this cat is absolutely a food porker- will chow it down about as fast as it can sometimes and that can cause it to come back up. Cannot feed cat any dry food, even Taste of the Wild. Kibble will always come back up. So we feed two main meals and two "snacks" a day so that we can limit the amount fed at any one time. It helps, doesn't eliminate the problem, but helps.

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    My Siamese cross has a very sensitive tummy too. She does best on ONLY wet food- grain free venison formulations. Gets expensive, but better than wiping vomit up all the time!

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    My stray kitty had some serious digestion issues when she first found us too; none of the foods I tried, from grocery-store crap to super-high-end kibble, agreed with her. We had months of issues, from soft cow pattie stools to explosive diarrhea. My vet had us go on the Science Diet d/d venison and green pea formula, and that worked for her. She went through one bag of that and then switched to Natural Balance's salmon/green pea formula without issues.

    She's now on Now adult grain-free (salmon/turkey) and doing well. I add in Wellness canned now and then, but she's funny about wet food. Sometimes she eats it like a champ, and then she'll go on strike for a while.

    Putting your kitteh on a limited-ingredient diet with a different protein might be helpful.
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    Definitely try probiotics and a restricted limited ingredient diet. However, if these dont work I would persue an internist. Ultrasound +/- biopsies may give you some answers. Even though your cat is young, its not uncommon for Inflammatory bowel disease, eosinophilic or granulomatous enteritis, and gastrointestinal lymphoma. Often signs are waxing/waning vomiting and diarrhea.
    Not suggesting your cat has any of these issues, but it may be worth persuing a consult as most of these are managable with medications. Hopefully it will be a consult to rule them out

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    I second (third/fourth) the limited-ingredient hypoallergenic diets. These include the Purina HA (not my favorite as the protein may not be hydrolyzed into small enough particles to make it truly hypoallergenic), Hill's has a variety (Duck and pea, Venison and potato), and Royal Canin makes a couple (my cats would NOT eat the royal canin rabbit food though).

    NOTE: you can ONLY feed this - no other treats/table scraps/probiotics/pill pockets etc - ONLY the hypoallergenic food for about 8 weeks to really test whether it is a food allergy/intolerance.

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    My friend's kitty went through the same thing. Tried it all.

    Finally the vet said: Give her canned Tuna in Water and Cooked Rice. Not sure of the ratios, but it has worked. For the first time, this kitty eats good, has normal poops and no more vomiting.
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    Just a quick update on the DaisyKitty... we got her on some probiotics, which she refuses to eat - even soaked in tuna water. We did manage to get most of the daily dose into her for a week, though.

    We also started her on a limited-ingredient, salmon-based, grain-free food. She's still a bit picky about it - but for the first time in a year, she's got normal cat poops! Hooray! And no vomiting, except for when the visiting in-laws gave her "treats" off their plates (right after I'd told them not to, great).

    I'm not sure if it's the week on probiotics or the new food that's helping her, but at this point I'm not going to ask questions - she's more "normal" than she's been in a long time, and the food isn't too expensive ($10 for 3.5lbs - Petsmart's new limited ingredient line, I forget what it's called), so we'll stick with it!

    Thank you all for the advice!

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