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    Default Over-blanketing --> hot hooves?

    Per the title, just wondering if over-blanketing a horse can not only make the body too warm, but the hooves? A few days ago someone put my mare's medium weight blanket on her instead of the Schneiders poly-tech "liner" she usually wears in the winter unless it's seriously cold (like below 20.) I tend to hide the medium-weight because I don't want her too warm, but we'd had a very cold day so it was out... and most of the horses in the barn are wearing a medium weight (many/most of them are clipped, at least partially; my mare is not but she doesn't grow much of a winter coat.)

    So I went over Wednesday night to ride her; it was ~40-45 degrees in the barn and she was in the medium-weight and very very warm.... Her legs were cold, but her hooves were all warm. As she is at risk for laminitis, I was in a panic, but within 10 minutes of removing the medium weight, her hooves were cool as usual.

    Side note: at a barn I visited recently, I noticed that each horse had blanketing instructions in 10 degree intervals, starting at 50 and going down to below 10. I'd prefer my horse be naked unless it was below 40. I SO wish my barn had such a thing, but that's "not how it's done" there. Over-blanketing is the norm, sigh.
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    I'm from MD but currently live in LA. I like mine in a sheet if it's below 50 and their heavies if below 30 (which happens NEVER).

    People down here have heavy blankets with neck covers at 50. It's kind of ridiculous.

    Yes, I believe over-blanketing can cause a rise in hoof temp, as systemic vasodilation occurs when the body tries to cool itself.

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