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    Nov. 27, 2009
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    Red face Spinoff: Best/Worst horse names ever!

    So, I dig reading/hearing horse names and all of their colorful and not so colorful meanings.

    Some are just so hideous, people start fun threads for renaming and such.

    I had a thread somewhere around here (rustles through the archives of threads past) about renaming my TB mare. Her name is Mudders Day. Ew.

    Her barn name is Luna, which I love.

    What are some of the best/icky names you can think of?

    My Granny's Appaloosa gelding was named Bitteroot Red. I read somewhere in a Horse & Rider mag about some stock horse named I got Bugs. My 10 year old self died of laughter! Another horse I knew was named Skippa Stone. She was an amazing paint mare with a rocking horse canter.
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    Jun. 14, 2006


    We had a lovely little QH mare. Amy was her barn name. They often called her "Famous Amos" due to some dark spots on her hip like the chocolate chip cookie.

    Anyway...she was quite a little WP horse back in the 80's. I was at my first show riding her. As they called out placings, I became disappointed when I didn't hear our names because man, I thought we'd done well! So they called 5th, then 4th, then 3rd, then 2nd. When they called first for "Quiz Show Belle" I hung my head a bit and started leaving the arena. At first I didn't hear all the claps and whistles and "get back in there!!!"

    I didn't realize they were talking to us. No one had explained to ME that her REGISTERED name was Quiz Show Belle!

    Ha! We had won. But God, that's a heinous name.
    A good horseman doesn't have to tell anyone...the horse already knows.

    Might be a reason, never an excuse...

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    Dec. 19, 2008
    Where The Snow Flies


    My mare's name when I first got her was "Horny Snowflake". It was supposed to be "Hornby" but the registry misspelled it and the previous owner thought it was HYSTERICAL and never changed or corrected it. I was not so amused so the day after she got home the name change form was sent in.

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    Apr. 15, 2010


    I named my mare Brandine Fishpaw because I couldn't think of anything else LOL Most people have never heard the name Brandine and don't know how to pronounce it, which I thought was weird. I kinda stole the name from Francine Fishpaw, which most people have never heard of either lol Her nickname is Fatty, because when she's PG, she looks like a blimp. It kind of stuck.

    I did better with the baby, his name is Moonbeam McQueen, aka Mickey.

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    Apr. 16, 2005


    Fatty McButterpants..... first time I saw that show name, I completely lost it in a fit of giggles. Of course, it was a very round pony. So it fit him well.

    My guys registered name is Bachelor of Arts. It's fine. His barn name is Stitch which he came with. It stuck so I kept it.

    I did look at a registered QH before I found Stitch. His registered name was "Daddy Loves Trashy Women". Now that made me laugh. They called him Cash.

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    Aug. 26, 1999
    Concord, California, USA


    I once changed a name simply because no announcer could get it right: Dodacia. DOH-DAY-SHA (but it came out DODA-SEE-YA, DOH_DASH-A, etc., etc.)

    I once knew a registered TB named "Wiggly Tail." They showed her as "Embers' (blood bay)

    Another was a stock horse time with a "Bar" name that went on FOREVER. Owner was an EMT, so she just called him "Code Three" (redlights and sirens).

    While I'm sure he had a barn name, I always giggled about a massive stock horse stallion whose registered name was "Doc's Dik Dik." I mean, really, a teeny-teeny African antelope (dik-dik)????? They thought a 1350 lb. horse resembled this:

    Though amusing, I had a horse who's registered name "fit"" He was a loudly marked, blazed faced Appy, 16.3 h.h, around 1,400-1,500 lbs., and he was registered as "THUNDERBLAZER"

    Or there was "Lotta Speed" - who didn't have much.
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    Jul. 27, 2011
    where metro meets the mountains


    One of my early horses was an older OTTB gelding who came with no papers and an illegible tattoo. And the name My Love. Now, the story behind it was: the girl I got him from, when her grandad (who was originally from Ireland and spoke with a beautiful brogue!) married his wife, they went to the racetrack on their honeymoon. The first race, a horse named My Love won, and years later when he bought that gelding for his grand daughter, they named him My Love.

    Great story, but geez, that name (for a boy horse, no less) still makes me want to cringe. It took me about 2 seconds to come up with the name Miller-- started with an 'M' and had an 'L' in there, so he adapted to it immediately.

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    Jul. 14, 2008
    Carrollton, Ga


    I have been looking for a reined cowhorse and came across a gorgeous palomino that is pretty cute. His name....Wormy Dog! I could not buy that horse!!! My friend called the AQHA and was told his name could not be changed because he has been shown Poor guy!

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    Dec. 21, 2005
    Black Forest, CO


    My first horse was registered AQHA as Bugs Lady Luv. When we bought her, her barn name was Buggy or Lovey. Those made me gag, so I decided to call her Autumn since I got her in October and she was a pretty sorrel.
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    I always love the imaginative pony names like Pony Soprano, Al Capony, etc. (hmmm, mafia and ponies...pretty accurate)

    Tommy Haflinger cracks me up too.

    Someone on here, can't remember who now, named their daughter's pony Yum Yum Bubblegum. I thought that was adorable.

    My sister's first horse was a red varnish appaloosa mare named Ginger Ruffle Ginger Horse.
    That's a pretty bad name.

    There was a horse at the barn when I was young...TB named The Appliance Man. Not exactly the nicest name, barn name was Ricky. Guess they knew someone who sold appliances named Ricky.

    Always grinned over Peptoboonsmal. What makes it funnier is that the horse is Pepto-pink in color, LMAO!
    (nice horse)
    You jump in the saddle,
    Hold onto the bridle!
    Jump in the line!

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    Apr. 18, 2010
    Aubrey, Texas


    AQHA mare I used to own: Sissy Gay Gal.
    Veni vidi vici. With a paint pony, nonetheless.

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    Apr. 14, 2006
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    SilverMorningWood. Really? Were they serious when they named the poor thing? My daughters insisted I change that one.
    Proud and achy member of the Eventing Grannies clique.

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    Jun. 18, 2007


    I had a Beau's Bonnie Babe once. I changed her name immediately.

    One of my broodmares has the registered name Casual Affair, though barn name something else entirely. Not the greatest, but I've heard worse, and so I left it, as she already had foals on the ground. But when I was considering getting her, I Googled it just to see if there was any data I'd missed on her foals, etc. Don't EVER Google that without a lot more qualifiers if you are looking for data on horses. I swear, there must be clubs for everything out there. Living under my equine rock, I had never thought about such things.

    On the other hand, my other broodmare's registered name is Freedom's Fire. I do think giving a horse the barn name of Freedom is inviting trouble (her theme song is "don't fence me in"), but I think as a registered name, that one is awesome.

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    I laughed when i saw a colt named 'Irish Stew' in a sale catalog.
    To add insult to injury, he must have done pretty well for himself as he is now (or was, he's be one old fella by now) moved to the breeding shed and placed that horrible name in the pedigrees of future generations!

    Why not call them Hot Dog while your at it....

    One lady, who honestly seemed to be a few bricks short of a full load (and her daughter likewise) owned some roany thing named 'Palaver' I do believe it is also a native indian term, but it's certainly German slang for ruckus/argument...
    The mother of that horse (he was nondescript, except for the color, so can't call him beast, not his fault the owner was nuts), similar roany, just one was black the other red...had some name which let the locals to dub the pair something like 'cadaver & Pyrana'
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    We got a horse off the track on the recommendation of our vet, whose name is Robert. I am not sure what the horse's JC name is, but apparently nobody liked it or remembered it, because there was discussion about what to call the horse.

    BOs started calling him Robert, for the vet. Our working student decided that she wanted to call him Finn, after a much-loved barn cat that passed recently. Someone else wanted to call the horse Bob.

    Poor horse was having an identity crisis!

    He's ended up being Bobert Finn. Somehow ... it works. I think he'll be shown as Robert's Good Deal, if anyone remembers by the time he's ready to show!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jane Honda View Post

    My Granny's Appaloosa gelding was named Bitteroot Red.
    As someone who lives not to terribly far from the beautiful Bitteroot Mountains, which are located in Idaho, the birthplace of the Appy breed, I think it is a great name!

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    Jul. 31, 2007


    Won't reveal the name so that Horseness can keep his anonymity (and his political career viable), but here's a nice story:

    I name give him a simple, memorable animal name.

    Everyone likes it, save a farrier I meet at a conference in NY State where AnimalHorse is being a demo animal. This farrier is the only one who came to take a close look at this horse's feet after the demo.

    I respect this guy's interest in his own continuing education but I think it's weird that he doesn't like the name and would say so. I file that bit of weirdness for later.

    4 years later, in another state, I need a farrier and this guy is recommended. We meet, he's a very nice guy and I show him the horse who he studied and who has the crap name. We both thought it was funny.

    And HorseAnimal likes this farrier because he takes a few minutes to scratch him with his Big Man Fingers. Everyone is happy and it started with a diss.
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    Apr. 15, 2008


    child at the TR barn i used to volunteer at had a thelwell shetland named Ride-Ride. at shows, when he was announced, bystanders would titter until they learned that he was profoundly mentally disabled, and "ride ride!" was one of the few things he could say. then the general consensus would be that "Ride-Ride" was a fine name indeed.

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    Jul. 15, 2006


    I remember hot walking a horse named Hootchiecootchiemama, and one named Quack the Gold. There was another called Apple Dumplin or something like that as well.

    My wannabe(She is a "breeding stock" paint, but my tb has more white) paint horses name is A Chancey Situation, which I think is odd, but I just call her chance.

    I used to have an App that looked like she had a fine layer of dust over her back, I thought about calling her Angel Dust, but was afraid to many anouncer would use "on" instead of "riding" when announcing results.
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    Oct. 30, 2009


    Once knew a horse at the track: "Fish Lips". Really.

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