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    Default Human SI joint out?

    Not sure if this warrants a 'disability'. Don't mean to offend those with true disabilities by posting here.. however I am a bit disabled with this recent pop of the SI joint. Not that it ever went back IN 100% last time it was out. But I digress.

    Can anyone recommend any home therapies to help put this back in place? I have an inversion table which helps a bunch but this walnut above my backside is pretty painful when I move wrong. My chiro doesn't have much success put me back together either. Perhaps the wise CoTH entourage has some sound advice?

    It's making riding pretty painful.

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    Jul. 14, 2003


    A sacroilicac belt will help to stabilize the joint. Here's a good one.
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    I live with mine out more than it's in. I saw someone post a tool one time that helped them pop it in. It looked like a wedge of sorts. You can also do leg lunges on the stairs with the affected side/leg. It helps to some degree get things to move back (per my PT).

    Here is the thing
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    I don't know that mine is necessarily "out" but it's definitely screwed up on the left. The sacro wedgy does help but hurts like hell in the process. Both my daughter and I ride the same horse and we both have problems with our left SI. We also both wore holes on the inside thigh on the right leg of our breeches. I had the equine chiro out the other day and she found and hopefully corrected an issue with my horse's right SI. I thought that was fascinating!

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    Jan. 31, 2003


    My osteopath whacked mine back into place yesterday. I was miserable one minute, 80% better 1 hour later and it feels great today. Bonus: my neck/head pain on that side evaporated and he never touched it. He said it would, but I am always a skeptic LOL
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    Find a better chiro.

    I tweaked my back a few years ago when my really great chiro was out of town. Went to a chiro I had been to in the past and remembered why I moved. They have all the newest technology and boy do they talk the talk, but all they did was make me feel better for 10 minutes each time and then I was back in pain.

    My guy got home a few days later and he "clunked" me back into place (explaining what happened to me as he did it) and I was 90% better that day and 100% the day after. My back hasn't gone out since.
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    I wish mine would stay in but I have a leg length discrepancy, hip dysplasia, and a connective tissue disorder that means loose ligaments and tendons. Things just slop around WAY too easily bc muscles have to do all the work.
    "You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars;
    you have a right to be here." ~ Desiderata by Max Ehrmann

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    I injured mine about 13 years ago - falling off a racehorse, after breaking out of the starting gates. The only thing that helped me, was wearing the SI belt for a long time, using a TENS Unit, many months of PT, and finally 3 shots of something, directly in the joint with the help of a Flurascope. It still flares up to this day, but it is much, much better.
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