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    Default Another NOVA Trainers Thread

    Hi all,

    I apologize for posting the umpteenth DC eventing thread, but my circumstances are a little different than most DC threads post-2010. I currently live in Vienna and work in Reston, and am looking to start eventing again.

    The only problem is that I don't currently have a horse, nor will I be able to afford one for a while (gotta love the entry level job salary...). I also really can't afford the gas or time (I work a very strict 9-5) to drive 45 minutes away from my work/home, which eliminates Middleburg and a lot of the really big trainers around here (Sharon White, Sean McQuillan, Lynn Symansky, etc). So I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on an eventing trainer for me? Near Herndon, Chantilly, Fairfax, Sterling, Ashburn, even Centreville. The only name I've been able to pull up is Shannon O'Roark. They don't necessarily have to have lesson horses, I can try to pull riding sale horses or some kind of lease. Being poor means I get to be really flexible

    Also, excuse my shameless plug, but I would love to have some kind of steady ride. If anyone knows of an eventer that needs to be kept in shape/leased out, please let me know. I'm a steady and competitive novice/training level student, just haven't ridden in 4 months during job and location transitions. I will love you forever and ever

    Thank you so much for the help guys - I know you probably feel like you're repeating yourself, but I really do appreciate it!
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    I actually think Shannon is a good suggestion--close in, reasonable cost, likely to have a horse you could lesson on. Unfortunately there aren't a lot of barns in the places that you mention, because they are pretty suburban.

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    Default dante6masd

    Hi; I dont post much but I actually do have a novice/training packer that I would like to lease out or even just keep with me and have someone ride/compete him. Time and finances will not allow me to continue competing him as well as my other horse, and he is really so much happier when he has a job. Plus he has maxed out at training level and I want to go further.

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    Shannon is great.

    I hear conflicting reports on whether Angelica Run (on Hunter Mill Rd near Difficult Run) is still in business, since Skyler moved out to Morningside. If it is, they might have what you are looking for.

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    I pretty regularly go to Middleburg from the Beltway and my commute is less than 45 minutes at somewhat off hours, so I wouldn't necessarily write off folks there like Lynn or Tiffany Catledge (who is just east of Middleburg and might have more affordable rates). Ashburn is going to be close to 45 minutes much of the time for you, unless you're willing to take the toll road. Skyeler is at Morningside and might be closer in actual travel time depending on your timing - I would think she might have something available to lease or lesson on (though are you actually asking about a lease where you pay a portion of expenses? Wasn't sure if that was in the cards for you based on your note). Free rides are harder, but doable if you're flexible/capable. You might also be able to trade barnwork for lessons at some places if you are dependable. Good luck!

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    I ride with Shannon, she's fantastic. I lease a horse from another owner who boards at her barn. She breeds her own, trains them as well as horses others bring to her for training, and she'll give lessons on your horse if you ship in. Re: leasing from one of her own, your best bet is to contact her directly. I know most of her sale horses at the moment are babies, so I don't think riding sale horses for her at the moment is an option. (When I first got there, that was going to be my option as well, but none of them were ready to be ridden in that capacity, hence my lease). Again, she's simply one of the nicest horse persons in our area, and extremely knowledgeable. Just call her...
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    Agree with GotSpots that Middleburg is not that far away timewise from Herndon particularly in non-rush hours. Also, all these trainers have INDOOR rings, so it makes lessons in the evenings a real possibility. You don't have to drive in rush hour! I guess if you can't afford the gas, probably eventing is not going to work out because the gas getting to the barn is one of the cheapest aspects of it.

    I would recommend talking with Tiffany Catledge. She has a bunch of horses right now for sale and/or in training. She may well be on the market for some help. Plus Tiffany is very nice.
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    having just moved from Arlington (and being a born-n-raised Loudoun County-ier), agree with PP that fairfax or eastern loco, are virtually devoid of trainers. depending on what time you finish work, you could hop over to maryland via white's ferry (it's near morven) and then get into poolesville or dickerson vs commute out to m'burg. natalie hollis is out there (love her). also could try neersville for phyllis dawson but again, you have to take the greenway to 7 to 267/ rt 9. all suck. and backroads will only take you so far.

    anywhere you go, count on 45+ minutes. off-times (b/w 9-3pm, after 7:30ish), opposite traffic (from reston- no place is really opposite, except into dc and rockcreek doesn't have eventers), and your life will be much easier.
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    Thanks so much for the help everyone! Unfortunately I work a really strict 9-5, so the chances of me getting to Middleburg in an off-time are virtually zero, unless my lesson is at like 8 PM. Like I said, I really don't have the finances/time right now to travel up into MD (I am from Baltimore originally, so believe me I know the horrible commute on the weekdays) or way out into horsey VA. Maybe in a couple of years after a promotion and a raise or two but until then, very local riding it is.

    I'm going to give some of your suggestions a call this week- wish me luck! You guys are wonderful. Thanks again.

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