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    Default Fastest Tevis time with Haggins Cup?

    Hi everyone,
    Coming over here from H/J land. I was doing my science homework where it mentioned that through evolution, humans are better endurance athletes than other creatues, including horses (mentioned 2 races-a 22 and 50 miler). However, my mind immediately thought of Western States vs Tevis. They are run/trotted on roughly the same course with roughly the same conditions each year. However, horses are still faster than humans (10:46 vs 14:46 records).

    Now for the question because I did not have luck on the Tevis website: Does anyone know of the fastest time a horse has completed the race to win the Haggin's?


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    I had lots of "luck" on my reading of the Tevis ride for statistics.

    This link is for the horses and riders. There is alot of detail on this site. Start with history and you can see some times, and MANY other stats. Endurance riders are all about stats. It is real data, not fake.

    For runners of the human kind, look at this site and once again click on the history and you will find all kinds of info.

    To compare the two sport events you have to find out if the trail was exactly the same, and also if the weather was the same.

    Also, did the runner traverse Cougar's Rock?

    I have ridden endurance horses for many years. It is amazing what a horse can really do. On this particular ride, there is pretty much a set speed you need to keep your horse doing or you will not make a cut off time. Lots of those horses do a high speed of 10 mph or more the entire ride. Not sure a human could do that in high heat, adverse trail conditions, etc. Maybe. I haven't looked at the stats on the human side of this.

    You really have to compare the same footing for each, and weather. Also, humans do not carry any weight, so not sure how you factor that in. Not sure if humans have vet checks, or not along the way.

    You can also check: for more endurance ride results. Just go to the menu and look up ride results for that ride. You can get them for many many years back. Check the Old Dominion ride also. It is another 100 miler and very tough with the humidity and heat.

    Good luck.

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    Here is a site for direct races ie, the humans and horses run concurrently.

    There are 12, 25, and 50 mile distances.

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    The fastest horse/rider combo winning both the Tevis and Haggin cups over the 100 mile trail was John Crandall and Heraldic in 2006 with a ride time of 15 hours and 8 minutes. Jeremy Reynolds and Riverwatch were awarded both trophies in 2011 after a 10.31 ride time, however that trail was reduced to about 80 miles in length and did not include the high country. Results from 2011 are not comparable.

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