Mrs. Gari Dill-Marlow, born a Conneticut Yankee came out to California when she was 6 months old. Raised in Santa Monica and Malibu, she attended UCLA receiving her BA in Political Science with minors in history and psychology. While anchoring a weekly world news in review tv show, WORLD IN PERSPECTIVE on a local PBS station and doing a daily commodities report on KWHY TV in LA, CLAYTON COMMODITIES, she did post graduate study in Chemistry, Physics, Zoology and Anatomy planning to go to medical school but instead married a US Army officer and moved to Sacramento where she acquired her first Arabian three years later.

Gari' had all of the arrangements made for her treasured Arabians as soon as she was diagnosed with cancer.

She was THRILLED with the halter win of her home bred filly a few months back.

I spoke with her a couple of weeks ago and she sounded great.

After losing her husband to heart problems, she desperately wanted to move out of California and her move to Arizona , while very taxing on her physically, gave her a sense of inner peace and she was happy to have her horses, with her, "at home".

Gari had the right attitude. She was "planning" her next book.

I am sure she has already threatened Saint Peter with a lawsuit if he doesn't let her into the Arabian Horse Stable to see the wonderful Camargue.

Love her or Hate her...Gari stood strong against the winds from those who disagreed with her regarding life, politics or Arabians.

The breed has lost a wonderful ambassador and a "character"

I am going to miss her knowledge and dynamic conversations.