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    Quote Originally Posted by Punkie View Post
    I will say that the place Biggie has and always will struggle is with his changes; they are definitely hard for him unless he's in top shape and even then, they're not perfect. I wish you all the best with your boy! I don't suppose that keeping him and enjoying him yourself is an option provided he gets the go-ahead to be in work?
    Unfortunately, I am a full time student at a rigorous university in another state. Rehabbing a horse is just not in my cards ATM

    Quote Originally Posted by mvp View Post
    How come the hernia wasn't fixed as a problem related to the original colic surgery and paid for by the insurance co as such?

    No need to answer if you don't want to, OP. My question isn't important, given where things stand now. It just seems weird that a horse could go from an imported WB (who was cut late, perhaps because someone somewhere thought he was very, very nice) to 2 surgeries, that produced another problem, and now he's not worth $2K. Had this been my imported investment horse, I would have been up the insurance company's butt to get the hernia fixed. That's why I asked.
    The hospital will not fix the hernia, even though it seems their surgeries caused it. We have investigated the issue with the insurance company, but since the hernia was only discovered to be a permanent thing (it developed slowly- at first we thought it was an infection, then inflammation, then tried to help it with a belt/wrap, etc.) later on, they had since dropped coverage on all things related to colic and surgery.

    Quote Originally Posted by mvp View Post
    It's easy to judge from this position, but it doesn't help out people who might consider taking on this horse, or the OP's non-horsey parents who need this bad investment to end one way or another.

    Back On Topic: OP, given the dough you guys have put in already and the amount you are paying now to keep him in what sounds like a show barn, could your parents wrap their mind (or wallet) around fixing the hernia, doing rehab and putting this horse in a cheaper pasture or retirement place? Not a wonderful solution, but perhaps the math works out since board at a retirement facility will be much less than what you guys are probably spending now.

    I wish you guys and your horse the best. There *are* people out there who can put in the care and training he deserves. If it turns out that this horse never should have a performance career, there are some folks who like to ride very pretty trail horses-- it matters to them that they are sitting on gorgeous creatures like this one.
    Thank you for your kind words. It is a difficult situation. I am away in another state at school. My parents are unknowledgeable in this area and very, very burnt out. They got sweet talked into this investment and suckered along the whole time (as did I, due to emotional attachments to the trainer). They are financially and emotionally done. Its out of my hands, in that department-- they didn't want me to be involved in this in the first place. Obviously that is hard for me to do, since I know horses and know that this horse IS/CAN BE something.

    Quote Originally Posted by ako View Post
    OP, I'm hoping you're able to find a good place for him. I would think he could fit well with a pro or a good ammy. A pro might be willing to take a gamble - if he's not the right fit for a personal horse, he could be leased out to advanced students. I would put an ad up on one of the sales sites to get their attention (not Craigslist!).
    I would definitely get some recent pics and video.
    I hope it works out well for him. He's lovely. Bad luck all around. Hopefully that's about to change.
    Thank you. I can see him being EXCELLENT in this type of program. He could be a show horse, or a 'training ferarri' type for a upper-level riding program.

    I will work on getting some pics/videos; but once again, this is VERY hard due to the fact I am in a whole different state from the horse-- as are my parents.

    Quote Originally Posted by Nike13 View Post
    Are you near any large equine hospitals? Someone there may have a connection and know someone willing to do/pay for sx in exchange for the horse. I've seen it happen to horses with other health issues before, no reason it couldn't work for your guy. I commend you for wanting to do what's best for his comfort in the long term. Sometimes the horse may not be suffering now, but there's a big chance he will be in the near future is he leaves your hands. I speak from experience. And yes, it does take courage to euthanize a horse you know to be unhealthy, but the rest of the world looks at and thinks, "but he looks fine right now". Good luck with him.
    The stable he is at is right near mid-atlantic. They did the surgery. It is also near Bucks County. We asked them already, but I think you're right that it could be a good idea to keep trying.

    Thank you all for your kind words of encouragement and hope. As you can guess, this has been a major source of heartbreak and stress for my family, for both financial and emotional reasons. I've had some interest from the giveaway post- perhaps something will come of it!

    It's finals week for me, so I will do my best to respond to questions on this board-- if I missed your question it was an oversight and not intentional!

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    I guess I just don't see such an action as courageous so I don't think it would take courage to do it. I guess it might take some bravery to ask a vet to go against the very essence of what it is to be a veterinarian (to kill a healthy, non suffering animal)....but again I just don't see that as an act of courage. You are right, I don't have to try this action out and contrary to what people claim, neither do a good proportion of the horse owning public because in most cases it is a choice, not a necessity. That is why doing such a thing is termed "convenience killing".

    (And by the way, it's not clear that this horse isn't suffering a bit. OP said he is frustrated and that interpretation makes sense to me, given his current living situation.)

    "We have spoken with the vets about euthanasia as an option now. The vets don't believe he is in any pain and aren't willing to do it without reasonable cause. Don't think we haven't looked into it"

    It may be that he is frustrated living without much exercise though I would assume he could be moved to an outdoor boarding situation in which he could live outside in a herd situation. I would assume that would be more cost effective as well?

    Anyways, I don't want to derail this thread. My point was simply that all efforts should be exhausted to find this horse a suitable home prior to even thinking about putting him down. And by suitable home I mean a home where he will be given the chance to live a good life no matter what. It sounds like the OP is trying to do that and again, I am pretty certain that it will work out if you persevere OP. He sounds like a lovely horse that just needs a second chance.

    "Simple: Breeding,Training, Riding". Wolfram Wittig.

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    Quote Originally Posted by goeslikestink View Post
    this horse is more than likely is in pain and really you should listen to his needs and not your own - as hes had 2 colic sugergies and hernia now hes unrideable and more than likely will have another colic episode this horse is high finance and high cost

    and all your doing is extending his agony- and he will only end up as meat in the end who ever has him cos no one in there right mind in this days economy is going to spend 2k on an op and possible more expense with future colic if he servives a horse thats unridable and for a very long time plus he wont be insurable either - so if he causing an accident with someone handling him or with other horses or if he did get ridden whos going to pay those bills for human or yard or horse whatever

    as you said the horse was a spooky behaviour- and no doubt still will be has it ever occcured to you this horse has always been in pain and thats why he behaves in the way he does when ridden - or handled

    horses only do things for a reason- and pain tyou can measure in a tea cup
    or say hes not in pain------- as judging by what your saying this horse has always been in pain------- so think

    yeah hes young and he may have come from good back ground- but some do interbreed and this is what you get as a result

    for the horses sake for your parents sake- do right by him so he doest have to suffer any more or know where his next meals are coming from not all horses make it to there teens let alone 20+ those that do ita bonus

    this way the horse is safe- the cost to parents ceases - and you have had him for the rest of his life and in that life he had the best care possible

    which you wont be able to say- if you let this horse go---------as it weont happen thats the reality as harsh as it is
    Dude - exaggerate much? Sorry but your post is riduculous! Perhaps you should work on your reading comprehension.

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    You've got some really good suggestions so far and I don't have anything constructive to add.
    I did get a chuckle out the words "investment" and "horse" being used in the same sentence. In my world those two words when used together are usually considered an oxymoron.
    "My biggest fear is that when I die my husband is going to try to sell all my horses and tack for what I told him they cost."

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    Also have you thought about donating him to a vet school that also has a riding team? I know some of the vet schools take horses that needs work done etc for the students to learn, and if they are able to be sound afterwords will put them into the riding program.

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    have you thought about a blood bank- here in uk we have horses that are used and sent there only for that usage and they are retired to the blood bank

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    I am so sorry to hear about your situation It's a hard decision and your family must be stressed! I wish I had more cash flow right now, I'd take a gamble on him. But, with 3 of my own (one being a broken pasture puff himself) and a new start up I just can't take the risk! I hope you find him a wonderful home and all ends well.

    I'd also be on the phone arguing with the insurance company. But, it sounds like your parents just want out. Can't blame them one bit! I also hope that you're not with whatever trainer advised you to buy this horse as your first investment. Definitely not the one to wet your feet with! Granted he's nice, but you want something that's a quick in and out. Not one that was cut late, no experience, and spooking issues.

    Good luck! Crossing my fingers you guys can soon breathe a sigh of relief.

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    Just bumping this up for those who may be interested in the update (update posted onto the original message). Thank you to all who offered advice!

    More here:!**

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    Wonderful news Cava Pony. So glad for you and your horse.

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