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    Oh no, I am quite fulfilled here with all you dominent women.
    Last edited by snoopy; Dec. 8, 2012 at 02:32 PM.

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    I clicked on the last page to see what this thread was about. When I saw the epidemic of headaches, I eagerly went to page 1 to see how the fur started flying.

    (Full dislcosure: I'm in Milwaukee. That will make a headache club sound like fun.)

    I got to the top of page 2 and found myself nodding off. No headache, fortunately, and it did answer my question of what to do in Milwaukee on a Friday night: go to bed at 9 pm.

    FWIW, I don't teach or 'install' flying changes on my horses. IME, the smart ones usually figure it out quite quickly and the smart ones who don't, usually have a good reason for it, like they would never not pick up the correct lead over a jump. The not-smart ones, I find new jobs for. They have no business in eventing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by snoopy View Post
    Oh no, I am quite full filed here with all you dominent women.
    Some of us ain't women and;

    If you are "full filed" does that mean at some point you were collated and tabbed too?

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    Didn't someone used to have a sig that said 'one man's wrong lead is another man's counter canter". Seems appropriate here.

    FWIW- earlier in the discussion, someone mentioned not wanting to teach lead changes because they don't want to screw up counter cantering...Most hunters (at least all I've seen in my 35 yrs of riding), are taught counter canter before they are taught lead changes, as it helps strengthen/balance them, and teach them to wait to be asked for the change. And most hunters that start out in baby greens know how to counter canter and do a lead change. Not saying eventers need to change what they do, as I don't event, but wanted to dispel the myth that teaching a lead change screws up being able to counter canter, even at "hunter" level of riding (as opposed to dressage).
    Eagerly awaiting Jan 20th, 2017. Drain the swamp.

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