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    Default Pressure Sores from Belly Band after Colic

    So my poor mare had colic surgery last year in September as a 4 y/o and had to wear a belly band/abdominal binder for 4-6 weeks afterwards. She had a non complicated recovery except for the fact that she developed sores along her spinal area from the binder. I made sure it wasn't too tight to create pressure, nor too loose, however, she is very skin sensitive (CHESTNUT MARE, need I say more! lol). I stopped using the binder because of the sores (and with my vet's approval since the incision was almost fully healed at 4 weeks). The hair along her entire back area grew in white. So from the back of her withers, along her entire topline to where a saddle cantle would sit, is white.

    Now, even a year+ later, she is very back sensitive. She always has been a "sensitive to the touch" horse, but this area seems like it bothers her more so. Has anyone had similar experiences? I've already spent GOBS of money on xrays of everything, and nuc scan, but nothing comes up. I would imagine that since the hair grew back white that there may be some nerve damage/sensitivity there from the pressure caused by the belly band which maybe is causing her reaction to being touched.


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    I would try gabapentin. It is excellent for nerve type pain, and inexpensive through CostCo or Walgreens.

    I have used the dose discussed here with good results:

    Acupuncture might also be useful for you.

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    Thanks for the suggestion! Fingers crossed!

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