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    When I bought Jake, I boarded with two guys who ran a barn. I'd known one for ages, D, and he knew horses pretty well. Jake was turned out alone at first, sharing a fence line with some future buddies. I went out of town for the weekend.

    Over that weekend, D turned Jake out with his gelding, Comet. Comet was a big platter footed gelding with a history of being dominant in turnout. Comet wore Jake out, leaving a roadmap on his hips and Jake hiding in the back corner of the turnout. When I returned Sunday evening, I could tell from the road Jake was distressed. I gathered him up, treated his wounds, and once I had him tucked into pellet soup and bute, proceeded to track down D. Through the course of a very direct conversation, he admitted he put Jake in with Comet Saturday morning and saw them running around, and did not think much of it. Never mind that here it is Sunday, my horse is completely gaunt and sunken, dehydrated, can't get to water, because that pig Comet is standing up by the gate, by the water. With me standing there, he called our shared vet out to see Jake on Monday, check him over, and D was billed for those services. Somehow, the declarative of "The reasonable thing at this point is for you to own your I strongly suggest that you get Tommy on the phone, now." He wiggled and waggled but I was not budging. thank God my horse was fine- but he was back in solitary, and moved, within two weeks.

    Everyone makes mistakes-from horse owners to BOs to BMs to BWs... only fools and asshats ignore them or slide past them. Hold these asshats accountable, LBM.

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    Don't be a groupie keep it moving means...

    Don't hang around and move on
    Himmlische Traumpferde
    "Wenn Du denkst es geht nicht mehr, kommt von irgendwo ein kleines Licht daher"

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    LBM you're all yap and no bite.

    If you don't want your horse turned out in the arena this very moment you're going to have to bite the right person the right way.

    All the COTH yapping does the horse no good.

    I notice you're very quick to come out swinging when you don't like what you read here; can't you channel just a little bit of that aimless energy to focus on making a reasonable fix and plan for your horse's future recovery now?

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    IMO, the only thing the OP did wrong was not to immediately make it crystal clear to BO and BW that this was NEVER to happen again. Everything else...she has the right to be angry...rehabbing a horse is an agonizing process. It's expensive, it's frustrating, it's slow, and horses can find enough ways to re-injure themselves if instructions are followed to the letter.

    While OP did everyone a disservice by not communicating with the involved parties immediately, which she could have done without bringing up the relationship between the two at all. IMO,it doesn't matter if BW is trading the work for babysitting, is being paid minimum wage, or is making $50 an hour. She is being compensated for a job. She agreed to the job and the compensation. That means BO is her boss and what she says goes. That means following instructions, and if those included putting OP's horse in the round pen and making sure the horses had access to water, those things need to be done, end of discussion. If BW doesn't understand instructions, it is her responsibility to ask BO to clarify and BO's responsibility to make sure BW understands what was asked. BW is free to leave any time if she doesn't like the arrangement, no matter what that arrangement might be. OP doesn't have to bring that part into the discussion, because it's irrelevant.

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    Where did I say I hadn't picked up the phone and called the Bo immediately? Because I certainly did. I also told her about the water situation and expressed my anger over the loose horse.
    I did not put my horse away and say nothing. I spoke to the Bo..

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    LBM... I get it, I see you're venting and have no doubt you will address it once you calm down and think of the best way (I think that is why you started this thread).

    Isabeau, they don't need a childless person... eye roll. I have two children under two and so either do not sign up for what I cannot handle or I take care of it. Simple. Not leaving horses with frozen water etc on my watch, period.

    Just because she is doing a work exchange for a barn does not make it any less a job. What other employer accepts that explanation? I would have told her if she couldn't do a better job she didn't need to work here. And one more time she would be out. To me the girl is taking advantage because she can, and she knows just how far she can go after years of knowing this BO.

    OP... Good luck, try talking to the BO but I doubt things will change.

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    Quote Originally Posted by magicteetango View Post
    To me the girl is taking advantage because she can, and she knows just how far she can go after years of knowing this BO.
    I guess until you've experienced it form the other side, which happens quite more often then you would believe, then you don't see it. But I guarantee you, the scenario where BO takes shamelessly takes advantage of and exploits horse crazy young girl for little to no expense is not a uncommon occurrence. If it is a particularly talented BO, one who gets their hooks in when the kids are young, they can actually convince the kid that they owe the BO for everything, despite working for nearly nothing, often for several years. If it were the other way around, I'm quite sure the girl would be kicked to the curb.

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