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    Default Feeding: Can horses eat Splenda?

    My horses favorite Electrolyte has changed formula, and I am trying to make it at home. I have tried samples of almost every other E on the market and all have been rejected. The one she loved had 50% dextrose and I am wondering can I substitute Stivia or Splenda due to her IR? I Know ther are several E formulas sans sugar but they all have artificial flavor and she hates them! The E helps her drink more water. thanks.

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    You can subsitute a mixture of light salt (KCl), regular salt and Epsom salts with no flavoring. They usually like it because it's salty. I'm sure someone on here has a recipe. I forget what ratios to use off the top of my head. You can see if she'll eat that with no sweetener, and try adding unsweetened applesauce if she won't eat it plain.

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    you might ask someone at tate and lyle...they make splenda from corn
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    Dextrose is easy enough to come up with. Used to made beer. Google home or micro brewery supplies for it.

    Maybe even ebay.

    ETA- I do not believe that your thoughts of a dextrose type product such as Splenda (I think it dextrose mixed with maltodextrin) is better for IR. It is still sugar and does cause a glycemic response.
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