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    Nov. 19, 2012


    Thanks for the comments.

    To answer some of your questions - no, my bay horse is not hard to handle at all. But, that's not saying the staff finds him easy. Perhaps I should spend some time watching them handle him.

    He drinks a lot after he eats his hay, but nothing I would consider excessive. I can ask about another bucket, but usually two is plenty. I will try that and see.
    It's not spilled water in the puddle. It smells pretty strong. Sometimes it looks like he rolls and the bedding is on the edges, but not always. He's not on any odd feed regimen - grain and hay in the AM, hay in the PM, like the other horses.

    Horse is healthy. Had blood work/xrays done when I bought him. Vet said he was one of the healthiest horses he's seen. This was three years ago, though.

    I talked to the trainer/BO alone where no one else could overhear the conversation. I was angry, but know better then to scream all over the barn. I didn't hear her conversation with her employees. I don't talk to them much since we don't really speak the same language. I also don't really see them that much. They are usually leaving when I get there. I don't know why they don't always turn him out. I don't know that they turn everyone else's horses out either. I just know they aren't turning my bay guy out and they are turning the paint out. I asked one day why he didn't go out and they really didn't have an answer, just that he didn't. So, I went to the BO. I don't really think I need to suck up to them, especially since they aren't doing their job. This is a pretty high end barn. I expected better. If I were in a position to buy property, I would do it and keep them at home. But that's not going to happen right now.

    I think I may drop by at lunch time this week and see what's going on. But, I also think I'll be barn hunting again as well.

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    I also think I'll be barn hunting again as well
    I suggest automated water then & stalls with attached paddocks

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